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Pokémon Fans Petitioning to Make Danny DeVito the Voice of Pikachu (He’d Be Perfect)

Separated at birth? (Photos: Getty Images/Nintendo)

The Internet chooses you, Danny DeVito!

Or at least it’s trying. A Change.org petition has gathered nearly 40,000 signatures in an attempt to sway Nintendo to cast the diminutive actor as the voice of Pokémon legend Pikachu in Detective Pikachu, an upcoming 3DS game.

Why DeVito, you ask? What could the man best known for playing legendary grouches like Louie De Palma, the Penguin, and Frank Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia bring to an electric, mouse-like creature with an irritating squeak?

If this amazing fan-created video is any indication, a lot. A whole lot.

No offense to current Pikachu voice actress Ikue Otani, but your adorable take on the famous rodent is now officially the world’s second best. I just signed the petition. 

Even if Danny DeVito somehow doesn’t land the gig, it’s a big year for Pokémon. To celebrate the franchise’s 20th (!) anniversary, Nintendo is rereleasing the first three Pokémon games — Red, Blue, and Yellow — along with a new 3DS Pokémon bundle. The Pokémon Company is also releasing a dozen Pokémon movies on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. But none of them feature Danny DeVito, so what’s the point? #devito4pikachu

Ben Silverman is now watching old Taxi clips on YouTube. He’s also on Twitter at @ben_silverman.