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New Polarr Video Editing App Helps Amateur Video Creators Capture their Favorite Movies with Real-Life Cinematic Filters

With filters inspired by popular movies, and intelligent AI-powered color recommendations that improve with each use, 24FPS for iOS lets video creators develop cinematic quality videos

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Polarr, developer of the popular Polarr Photo Editor, used globally by more than five million novice and professional photographers each month, today announced 24FPS for iOS—the first video editing app designed to help amateur video creators build high quality videos with cinematic fidelity filters. Available for download now, 24FPS features real-life cinematic filters inspired by popular movies that are updated monthly. The app also features powerful built-in A.I. which recommends the best filter for a specific scene based on color preferences the A.I engine learns with each use of the app.

This announcement comes on the heels of Polarr's recent $11.5 million Series A funding round in March of this year and is the company's first foray into the video editing market.

With Cinematic Filters and the A.I-Powered Filter Terminator, Polarr 24FPS Lets Video Creators Shoot Videos That Look Like High Quality Movies
Polarr has been developing 24FPS over the last year and built an in-house color rendition engine optimized for emulating cinema color from movie releases. 

Because it is often challenging to make decisions on which effect to use among hundreds of filters, Polarr invented an offline personalized A.I. reinforcement learning algorithm that learns each video creator's specific color preferences and embeds it into the app. In 24FPS, video creators can train the A.I. color recommendation engine through an interactive quiz called the Filter Terminator. Once set up, the A.I. algorithm will continue to learn and refine each time the app is used. After training, the best filter for a specific scene for a specific color preference is recommended through a simple tap. All training data is securely stored on the device. 

Although 24FPS is optimized for live video recording, the app also offers a set of commonly used tools to insert text, stickers, music as well as capabilities to import additional clips, splitting clips and adjusting video speed. 

Polarr 24FPS includes powerful features including:

  • Real life cinematic filters with professionally-made LUTs.
  • A.I. filter recommendation that learns as you use the app more
  • Cinematic stabilization and inertia-based zoom controls
  • Built-in high-quality face-thinning and realistic skin smoothing.
  • The ability to import, combine, edit clips with text, music
  • Support importing LUT files and all QR filters from Polarr Photo Editor

See how 24FPS filters match up with movie screenshots here.

"I've used Polarr for photos for years but never thought of using my filters on videos. The chance to use my custom filters on videos is exciting and a diverse new way to edit and create". - @tatiapetrova

Polarr Delivering the Future of Creative AI
The deep learning market continues to grow, with AI giants building advanced frameworks and mobile device makers building ever more specialized chipsets. However, developers must re-learn how to work with each and every chip, and often have trouble finding use cases that differentiate app experiences. The Polarr Vision Engine is chip agnostic from a developer's perspective, providing a higher-level abstraction of uses cases in rich media and entertainment to run deep learning models on any device – from the latest smartphones to drone cameras. All of Polarr's AI modules run entirely on the edge, with low memory and power consumption.

24FPS's filter personalization engine is based on the Polarr Vision Engine, which is used to also power other proprietary Polarr solutions designed for current and future consumer apps to harness the power of AI to deliver unique, creative, and visual experiences. The Polarr Vision Engine is used by many leading consumer hardware and software makers including Samsung, Qualcomm, Oppo and HoverCam. Polarr is currently working on expanding its platform support and service capability to allow more developers to enjoy the same power and benefits of the engine. 

"24FPS is designed for busy people who want a premium look and feel for videos," said Borui Wang, founder and CEO of Polarr. "Polarr Vision Engine is the core ingredient to provide the unique experience of recording, A.I. filter recommendation and video editing in 24FPS. We look forward to market feedback and start iterating to improve the app." 

About Polarr
With offices in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, Polarr develops edge AI technology for photography, video and other creative use cases to give all photographers the professional tools and resources they need to create their best work possible. With expertise in on-device model training and compression, use case discovery and execution speed, Polarr's flagship photography app, Polarr Photo Editor, is currently used by more than 20 million photographers around the world. The company's technologies are also embedded in some of the hottest mobile devices including the Samsung Galaxy S10.



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