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Police say Ohio teen admits to having sex with the family dog – again

Aris Folley, AOL.com

Police say an Ohio teen admitted to having sex with the family dog again.

According to WKBN, a family member found the 17-year-old boy in bed naked with PeeWee, the family's pet wiener dog.

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A family member reported the incident to the county's children's services agency shortly after.

Police say it's not the first time the teen has had a sexual encounter with the dog.

Nearly a year ago, the boy, who was then 16, was charged with animal cruelty, a misdemeanor, for having sexual contact with the dog as Ohio's anti-bestiality law had not yet taken effect.

Now the teen is facing charges of bestiality and animal cruelty.

The boy reportedly confessed to having sex with the dog in July and September, investigators told WKBN. He is currently being held at the Juvenile Detention Center on a probation violation.

"My concern with the interview is if he would do this to an animal, would you do to a small child," Det. Nick Carney, Warren Police Department, said, according to the local station. "So this case is not open and shut. There is some follow-up work I have to do that I can't really talk about right now."

The dog is now being examined by a veterinarian. Depending on its injuries, the teen could face more charges.