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Police Opting For SUVs Over Sedans

George Kennedy

Does it seem like more and more police cruisers are Ford Explorers? If you noticed this trend, you are not alone. Ford discontinued the Crown Vic-based Police Interceptor in 2011, and while many expected it to open up the market, the new “Police Interceptor,” which is based on the Explorer, has been more popular than the sedan. And don’t expect that trend to stop.

According to the Detroit News, sales of the Explorer police vehicle have outpaced its Taurus counterpart. For the year, through July, Ford sold 6,068 Taurus police sedans, while it moved 7,288 Explorer police SUVs

01-Explorer Police Interceptor

Ford estimated that the Explorer would make up 30 percent of its police fleet sales, but in the last couple of months, that number has become closer to 70 percent. Meanwhile, GM sold 13,000 Chevrolet Tahoe police vehicles, and only expects that number to rise.

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So why SUVs? According to the report, law enforcement agencies cite the fact that they are roomier and considered safer than their sedan counterparts. It should also be noted that the higher seating position offers not only improved visibility of the road, but the ability for officers to look down into other vehicles, providing a notable advantage to any cop on the beat.

00-Tahoe Police Vehicle

With these benefits and Ford announcing the availability of the turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine in the Interceptor SUV, the trend of police SUVs patrolling roads is only slated to grow.