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PolyGod's Innovation Brings a Sustainable GameFi Economy

·3 min read

London, United Kingdom, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GameFi's biggest struggle up to this point is a lack of sustainable rewards over a long period of time. Games like Axie Infinity are an example of how players and investors can profit for a short time period, but with hyperinflation of in-game token rewards, the incentive to play the game decreases massively and new investors struggle to get their ROI which slows growth of the game's economy. This forced the game to reinvent itself and in that process opened up a conversation for game developers to create new, sustainable, and rewarding models for players.

GameFi's new approach is leaning into the Fun to Play narrative and freemium model where players can play for free or purchase NFTs to reap crypto rewards while playing the game. In recent times, innovative solutions are being worked out in real time. One such innovation is the play to earn epic, PolyGod.

PolyGod is a Clash-Royale-inspired play to earn game built on the Polygon blockchain and Unreal Engine 5 with cross-chain liquidity. It has similarities to Axie in a few ways, such as: Dual Token Economy, lendable NFTs, and strategic gameplay. However, PolyGod differs in numerous and significant ways.

The "Starter Pack" of NFTs contains all cards a player will need to participate in the economy and will be at a fixed price that won't change. This starter pack can be seen as how a regular gamer purchases a game for $20 on Steam. With these cards they can Stake them in the in-game marketplace to earn PolyGod's in-game token, $MYNT. How fast they can earn $MYNT depends on the player's XP. XP is gained each match with the winner receiving more XP than the loser. Losers also gain a small amount of XP.

In many traditional games and MMR systems, losers are not rewarded, but punished. This demotivates many players. With PolyGod's XP system, even a losing player can earn higher APY in staking by investing time into playing more matches. To keep the in-game token supply stable, each play to earn match requires both players to wager their $MYNT. An example is: each player wagers 50 $MYNT to battle, the prize pool for the match is 100 $MYNT with the winner receiving 90 $MYNT with 10 $MYNT effectively burnt and sacrificed to the in-game "tax".

In addition to each match burning 10% of the $MYNT wagered, in-game consumables such as health potions require $MYNT. These health potions enable players to "recharge" their cards to continue playing after their cards are out of health. Each character requires a certain period of time to recharge before they can fight in another match. The stronger the character, the longer it takes to recharge. Health potions incentivize players to burn $MYNT for the chance to earn more through PvP gameplay. This balanced dynamic creates a burn mechanism that is directly related to gameplay.

Further, the MMR system of leagues means as a player becomes more powerful and holds more powerful cards, their opponents also become more powerful. This helps to balance the best players and rate of rewards released each day.

These systems only scratch the surface of the complex yet rewarding architecture underlying PolyGod's game mechanics and economy. For early investors, there is an opportunity to invest in the highest caliber of characters: the GOD-TIER NFTs releasing this March. Whitelisted investors receive a 17% discount and higher odds of minting an ultra rare NFT. These GOD-TIER NFTs can be lent to gamers and are a fixed supply. Each GOD comes with a Starter Pack or Gold Pack of NFTs depending on the NFTs traits. This gives early investors early access to $MYNT and access to the most powerful cards in the game.

The journey to create the ultimate GameFi economy and satisfying experience for users is well underway. To learn more about PolyGod's solutions, visit the website https://polygod.io and join the community @PolyGodIO on Twitter.

CONTACT: PolyGod support@polygod.io