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Pool Covers Supplier, LOOP-LOC, Shares a Perfect Time Pool Guide for Opening and Closing Your Pool

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., July 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone looks forward to summer - a season spent enjoying good times with family and friends in the beautiful weather and a season that wouldn't be complete without a pool. The calendar has its opinion on when this season starts and finishes, but when does it really? And when should the pool be open and closed? Pool covers supplier, LOOP-LOC, shares a perfect time pool guide for opening and closing your pool.

Summer does not officially start until the end of June but waiting for the calendar to decide when to open your pool can run you into some real trouble. The best time to open your pool is around late April to early May. Yes, this seems early, however, there are a ton of benefits to being an early opener.

First, it improves the likelihood that you'll open your cover to a blue pool instead of a green one. Algae needs sunlight to grow. With the cover on, the heat and sunlight moving through the pool cover, and into the water when it starts to get warmer out, the algae count will surely increase and turn your pool into that horrible green color.

The next reason is mother nature. Whether you believe in climate change or not, winters are getting colder, summers are getting hotter, and the fall and spring seasons are almost nonexistent. Therefore, around April and May, it is beginning to get hotter than it's been in previous years, so having the pool open and ready to go is a great way to keep cool. Another reason to open it around this time is because of pollen. Pollen can do a number on still water. During April and May, when pollen is most prevalent, it can sneak under your pool cover and get into the water. If you have the pool open, however, the water will be circulating, and the pollen will be sent into the filter. Lastly, you pay a lot of money for your pool and it is the focal point of almost everybody's backyard; why not open it a little earlier to make your yard more aesthetically pleasing and get your money's worth?

After enjoying a summer hanging out with family and friends by the pool, it is best to close it up for the season when the water and weather consistently begin to get into the 50s and 60s. At this temperature, microorganisms and algae cannot grow and therefore become dormant for the winter. With no heater, who's jumping in a 50-degree pool in October? Do not rush in closing your pool, because if you close it in September when it is still 70 degrees out, it is sure to be green when you open it as algae and other microorganisms will grow significantly in the still, hot water.

About LOOP-LOC: There's only one company known for manufacturing safety pool covers strong and tough enough to support an elephant: the legendary LOOP-LOC. LOOP-LOC inground pool covers is a global leader in the pool industry with a 200,000-square-foot headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, and 300 employees. Through its network of dealers, the company has sold safety swimming pool covers on every continent on earth except Antarctica. LOOP-LOC now also manufactures a line of luxury in-ground pool liners—with more exclusive designer patterns than any other company—as well as the BABY-LOC removable fencing, a convenient, cost-effective additional layer of protection to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool.


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