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Pool Liners Supplier, LOOP-LOC, Discusses How to Keep Your Pool Liner in Great Shape During the Offseason

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Nov. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Properly caring for your pool's liner is an important part of pool maintenance -- it can greatly extend the life of your pool. There are things you can do while closing your pool and during the offseason to extend your liner's life and make it easier to open for next season. Pool liners supplier, LOOP-LOC, discusses how to keep your pool liner in great shape during the offseason.

Be selective about toys. During the pool season, it's important to be careful with what toys are allowed in the pool. Pool-specific toys are designed to not damage your liner while still being fun to use. Using toys designed for the pool during the season is better for your liner.

Keep an eye on the water and chemical levels. Water level and chemical balance both play big roles in keeping your liner in great shape during the offseason. Be sure to pay close attention to the water level and measure water chemistry with a test kit before closing the pool for the season.

Clean the liner thoroughly. Before closing the pool, make sure the liner is clean and there is no debris in the pool. Thoroughly cleaning the liner with a vacuum and brush before closing the pool will help keep the liner in good shape while the pool is closed and will make it easier to open the pool for next season.

Install a high-quality pool liner. The best way to ensure that your liner stays in great shape during the offseason is to install the highest quality liner in the industry. Ensure the highest quality by getting a pool liner manufactured in North America by a brand you can trust.

If you have any questions about caring for your pool liner during the offseason, be sure to reach out to your swimming pool professional. By following these tips, you can make sure that your liner stays in great shape for seasons to come.

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