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Pope Francis may delay iPhone deliveries and Facebook's strict data policy

After a one day pop, stocks (^DJI, ^GSPC, ^IXIC) are on the slide again today thanks to trader worry over slow global growth. The Federal Reserve got this latest trend moving by holding interest rates near zero last week, suggesting economic growth isn't strong enough to raise them. Are we in for more of the same until their October meeting?

While you wait for the next piece of Fed speak here are some of the other stories Yahoo Finance is keeping an eye on today.

Chinese President grants English language interview
China's President Xi Jinping has given his first foreign language interview since this summer's stock slide. He says reforms are coming to stabilize that country's economy. The interview was conducted by the Wall Street Journal by submitting questions to the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The answers were put together by the ministry and reviewed by President Xi. This once again brings up the issue of transparency in China. Can we trust any of the information that comes out of that country and how does that impact investors' ability to do business with the Chinese?

Stock buybacks dip in second quarter
The practice of buying back stock declined in the second quarter with S&P 500 companies purchasing 6.9 percent less stock in the second quarter as they did in the first. Apple (AAPL) led the way with $10 billion in share buybacks last quarter.

Facebook and your data

Back in May, Facebook (FB) decided to restrict third-party access to its user data and that move is now having ripple effects. Startups, academic research projects, and political campaigns that once used the data are now struggling to find work arounds.

Blame the Pope for your delayed iPhone
Pope Francis touches down on U.S. soil today, marking the beginning of his six day visit. But his trip also ushers in a wave of logistical problems for shipping companies, as the Pope's visit will shut down major roads and thoroughfares. Even deliveries of the new iPhone on Friday may be delayed in certain areas.