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Popuband Smart Ukulele Exceeds Crowdfunding Goal in One Day

NEW YORK, March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A smart instrument startup gone viral abroad for fusing music education with tech now has its sights on the US market, with their Populele Smart Ukulele exceeding 100% of its fundraising target on crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo since launching yesterday.

"We began with the realization that most music games don't teach you how to play a real instrument," says Popuband VP of Strategy Evan Staff. "They haven't kept up with trends in social media, something we've addressed with the instrument's record and share functionality." The accompanying app also features a music library through which users can learn their favorite songs.

The Populele can be preordered on IndieGoGo via the link below: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/populele-the-world-s-first-smart-ukulele/

The ukulele, which also serves as a standalone instrument, links with smart devices via Bluetooth to teach the user how to play, using LEDs that light up onto the fretboard. "It's a really good entry-level uke in its own right," YouTube star The Ukulele Teacher remarked in a recent review.

In a crowdfunded collaboration with Chinese unicorn Xiaomi last month, the startup sold out their inventory in less than six hours and raised over $400,000. "We were blown away by the latent interest in a gamified experience that teaches a real skill," said CEO Martin Chen. "These days people are looking for something more meaningful than wasted hours mashing buttons."

Slated for production in May, first units of the Populele will begin shipping out this June and will retail for $199, though early backers on IndieGoGo can preorder for $149.

About Popuband Music.

Popuband was founded in NYC last December by entrepreneur Martin Chen. In addition to its ukulele, the startup is currently developing a smart guitar with an anticipated release later this year.

Contact: Evan Staff, (617) 893-4291

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