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This Popular Beer Brand Is Paying People to Slow Down for Spring Break

Betty Gold
Read: you can get paid to go on spring break this year. And where’s better to do it than Hoegaarden, Belgium?

Sick of rowdy, raucous spring breakers? You’re not alone.

We’re living in the era of JOMO, a.k.a. the Joy of Missing Out. (Real Simple’s actually been making an art of JOMO for quite some time.) So if you love activities like KonMari-ing your home, deep breathing and meditating, or decluttering your tech devices, you’ll probably appreciate the new campaign from Belgian Wheat Beer giant Hoegaarden. The premise? Slowing down.

Rather than spending your precious week off on a crowded beach, at a foam party, or participating in some other form of loud late-night merrymaking, Hoegaarden wants to help spring breakers take some time to *actually* relax.

In fact, the beer brand believes in this initiative so deeply they want to actually give you money to experience something much slower-paced for their spring break trip. Read: you can get paid to go on spring break this year. And where’s better to do it than Hoegaarden, Belgium?

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Starting today, Hoegaarden is offering a select number of travelers and their friends the opportunity to spend their Spring Break in its birthplace in Belgium. They will literally pay you $1,445 (the year the brewery was founded) and cover the cost of flights and accommodations to Belgium for you and your crew. The village of Hoegaarden offers an abundance of nature, fresh food, and good beer, so it’s pretty much the ideal place to experience a slowed-down life.

“This alternative spring break is a chance to enjoy a respite from modern stresses. To disconnect. To recharge. In our quaint village in Belgium, you’ll find an overflow of green spaces, charming cafes, and of course, our famous wheat beer,” shares Hoegaarden. “Here, life moves a little slower, beer is brewed a little longer, and we prioritize conversation over wi-fi connection.”

Your Slowed Down Spring Break Itinerary Includes:

Interested? Head here for complete details and to enter for the chance to win.

  • Finding shapes in the clouds
  • Strolling cobblestone streets
  • Basking in nature
  • Savoring delicious, citrusy Hoegaarden