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The Popular Hotel Name You've Been Pronouncing Wrong and Didn't Even Know It

Jennifer McCaffery
Karolis Kavolelis/Shutterstock

From its humble beginnings as a root beer stand opened by J. Willard Marriott and his wife, Alice, in 1927, Marriott has become an international hotel brand with 7,000 properties around the world.

But while Marriott may be a household name, that doesn’t mean we’re pronouncing it correctly. In fact, plenty of us get it wrong, in spite of the fact that Marriott International owns plenty of real estate in the hotel business, from the Ritz-Carlton to the Residence Inn chain. Find out which hotels have the best customer service.

So how are we pronouncing the name wrong? By putting the emphasis on the final syllable of the name: "Marri-OTT." Turns out that the company name shouldn’t have that final emphasis. "Marriott" should rhyme with "chariot," a company representative told Travel and Leisure.

If you've gotten "Marriott" wrong all these years, don't worry. People pronounce plenty of famous brand names incorrectly, from IKEA to Porsche. Find out which other company names you're mispronouncing.

Still, if you want to check in to the company’s latest luxury hotel, the St. Regis Hong Kong, it might be a good idea to get your pronunciation correct. Then check out the best hotel bucket list experiences around the world.