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Popular Mobile Consumer Note-Taking App "Catch" Allies With Samsung, Citrix, Unveils "Catch Team" for the Enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 19, 2013) - Catch.com, Inc., developer of Catch Notes, a top-rated consumer app for collaborative, mobile note-taking used by more than three million consumers -- today announced Catch Team, an intuitive, enterprise-ready solution that adds user management and data security for businesses.

Catch Team adds significant administration, security and control features to the intuitive, powerful feature set that made its consumer app one of the top-rated collaborative apps for mobile and web.

The new Catch Team solution fulfills a strong demand in the enterprise market, with other popular mobile note taking tools like Evernote and Springpad focused on the consumer market and lacking the security features required for enterprise use.

"We're proud of our heritage as a top consumer app," said Laura Yecies, acting CEO, Catch.com. "We learned a lot, we've listened to users, and we'll continue to support it. But nothing compares to the scrutiny faced by apps built for the enterprise. Fortunately, Catch was the first consumer collaborative note taking app to team with top-tier enterprise partners and customers and, in doing that, we were able to marry Catch's consumer-friendly features with the power and security requirements of the enterprise," Yecies said.

Catch Team is supported by key alliances with Samsung and Citrix to help make company data more secure. Catch expects to announce future alliances in the near future.

Moreover, Catch Team is purpose-built for enterprises seeking to capitalize on the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend, which is part of a larger trend toward the consumerization of IT. Catch Team allows the creation of distinct personal and business accounts, along with permission-based access features, making it easy to switch from personal notes to business notes while ensuring that company data is secure. For enterprises that prohibit data storage on external clouds, an on-premise version of Catch Team can be provided.

Catch Team's features are summarized here http://youtu.be/0SmB-rzcqKk, and are predicated on Catch's top-rated popular consumer app, which allows users to capture ideas and turn them into action with simple mobile collaboration. Users can:

  • Easily gather ideas and inspiration with text, photos, checklists, files, voice memos and reminders;
  • Organize notes into spaces which can be reordered easily as needed;
  • Quickly invite colleagues to "spaces," in which others may add notes, comments on notes, and cross-off checklist items;
  • Develop checklists (which are synched to the Catch cloud), where shared-space contributors can add items or check them off instantly;
  • Receive "recent activity notifications" to stay up-to-date on team members' actions and project status.

All of this functionality is accessible on mobile via the Catch Notes app on iOS and Android, and on any computer via the Catch web interface.

Catch Team also includes added security features in the form of an admin console, which allows a team leader to invite new team members, set permission levels, and change team members' access, passwords, and note ownership on the fly. Moreover, Catch Team admins can:

  • Invite or remove members from spaces, as well as reassign space ownership;
  • Monitor license, space and storage usage;
  • Purchase additional licenses quickly and easily;
  • Maintain access to data if an employee leaves.

Catch recently partnered with Samsung to offer Catch Team through Samsung KNOX, an end-to-end secure solution that provides security hardening from the hardware through to the application layer. Samsung KNOX powers Catch Teams' ability to offer both personal and work-related work spaces, as well as Catch's new administration console.

Last month, Catch announced it had teamed with Citrix, a leader in data security and enterprise mobility management. As a partner in the new Citrix Worx Mobile Apps program, Catch offers embedded Citrix Worx Technologies that centralize IT configuration, management, security and control.

Catch Notes is free to download on Apple App Store (http://bit.ly/KmuPVN), Google Play Store (http://ctch.it/V2q0KH) and other popular application stores. Catch Team is available now by upgrading from a free plan here (http://ctch.it/192A4tw). Pricing starts at $144 per user per year. Each license comes with 200 spaces and 10 GB of storage, which are managed at the team level. For example a 10-person team will enjoy up to 2,000 spaces and 100GB of storage.


Catch.com is a market leader in the productivity app market with millions of users on Android, iOS and the web. Catch Notes, our flagship product, is a free note-sharing app for capturing ideas and turning them into action using simple mobile collaboration. Catch.com was founded in 2008 and is on the cusp of a seismic shift driven by growth in smartphone use -- reinventing how people interact, collaborate and discover what's important to them. Catch aims to be the trusted place to capture and share personal content by offering strong security standards, simple information capture and instant synchronization regardless of platform. Catch has raised over $8 million to date with Excel Venture Management, Greylock Discovery Fund, WTI and angels.

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