PorkSwap Joins Binance Smart Chain as a Decentralised Spot and Futures Trading Platform

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DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / April 6, 2021 / The Binance smart chain market is growing fast and PorkSwap is the new hottest addition. It is a decentralized spot and futures trading platform. Its mission is to democratize access to finance by bringing current financial products in decentralized fashion which correlates with the idea of decentralized finance. It aims to become a major disruptor in De-Fi space.

PorkSwap is a unique exchange platform which gives its community the access and opportunity to dictate exactly how they want their finances to be run. Using PorkSwap's governance platform, token owners will have the ability to create polls and vote on the changes they would like to see on the platform these can be anything from changing algorithms inputs of how the platform generates revenue to the modus operandi. Members of the PorkSwap community have all the power in their hands to make desirable decisions and reforms on the platform, and bring useful ideas to the table.

The difference between PorkSwap and other spot swap platforms is that PorkSwap is more flexible, cheaper and faster since it's powered by Binance Smart Chain. The platform will launch its spot trading platform initially to use it as index for perpetual futures contracts. The platform introduces margin trading where lenders get the benefit to earn 2.5% interest every day on their lending, and traders can borrow funds to leverage trades to increase chances of profit. The futures will be powered by customized oracle on Binance Smart Chain to provide up-to-date time-weighted average prices.

PSWAP token has a fixed supply of 1,000,000 and is deflationary in nature. The platform will use 0.05% from spot trading fees and 3% from profits made in margin trading to buy back and burn tokens. This means as activity on platform increases, the burn rate will increase as well. The platform also introduces a staking protocol where liquidity providers can stake their tokens to earn extra PSWAPs as a gesture to reward initial liquidity providers and to reduce chances of impermanent-loss. PSWAP's private sale round is already finished where they raised 6 figure investment, They're looking forward to do pre-sale in April and listing as soon as the sale is finished.

As a celebration of their launch, PorkSwap is doing airdrop to give PSWAP tokens to users that have traded on Pancakeswap before. Visit their website to stand a chance!

For more information, please visit: https://porkswap.finance/

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