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Will Powered Launches A New Online Education Platform That's Changing The Game In Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2015 Will Armijo started Will Powered; a nutrition consulting practice that was dedicated to helping his participants lose weight and build more muscle through customized diets. In the past 4 years however, his practice has evolved to an interactive online community that's already impacted thousands.

On October 1st, 2019 Will Powered announced its new interactive online educational platform that enables participants to learn and engage at their own pace. But this isn't your typical online learning platform. The new Will Powered platform is an interactive community that allows participants to receive guidance from professionals such as Integrated Health Practitioners, Mental Performance Specialists, Intuitive Eating Specialists and coming soon Movement and Mobility Specialists.

Armijo says, "Weight loss is simply a byproduct of the work we do. You'll never have to diet again and you'll never have to buy another program or supplement. Your external appearance is a direct result of your internal health"

The goal of Will Powered is to educate and train its participants on how to reduce inflammation and manage toxicity through their eating behaviors. Every participant is different and very few cases are alike. That's what makes Will Powered's new online platform so unique.

The learning platform is an accessible way to learn and engage with any specific coach that fits the participants unique situation. In addition, the platform has graduates from the program itself act as Accountability Coaches to help participants work through their own individual experience.

"The challenge we had to overcome was to create a digital platform that doesn't dehumanize the participants' experience. It's always been about the user experience for us. Every time we focus on our own internal initiatives we ask ourselves: does this increase the overall customer experience? We believe we've built an all inclusive interactive platform; but more importantly our platform provides results," says Armijo.

Additionally, Will Powered offers a risk free 30 day challenge that allows participants to experience the platform to get immediate results.

The future of online education is here and the Will Powered platform is setting a new standard for how online education can integrate into real time results.

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