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Powerful Subscription-Based SaaS Tool Launched with New Functionality and Design to Help Boost SEO Results for Subscribers - 1AI SEO

Free trial searches and customizable, adjustable subscriber settings available for a wide variety of 'what-if' scenarios

DENMAN ISLAND, British Columbia, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- After a successful soft launch, DomainerSuite recently announced the official release of 1AISEO (https://1aiseo.com). 1AISEO is a proprietary subscription-based digital service that leverages the power of AI to help boost important SEO stats across the web by giving solid, actionable advice to users. Simple to use, subscribers input keywords and search parameters, triggering 1AISEO to begin feeding millions of data points into a complex system of machine learning models. 1AISEO was developed to keep up with ever-changing search engine algorithms, offering solid SEO advice based on daily readings of the digital landscape. 1AISEO offers multiple subscription packages, including a premium status, with free trial searches and recommendations for new users.

1AISEO: The Power of AI to Boost Critical SEO

1AISEO is a unique AI tool that helps sites rank better on the most popular and influential search engines like Google or Bing. Offering data and insights delivered from the AI-SEO Recommendation Engine, 1AISEO gives subscribers an insider look at how daily SEO algorithms rank searches, ultimately allowing subscribers to stay ahead of the SEO game with new strategies they can implement to rank all desired target keywords.

1AISEO looks at the top 100 search results for each keyword imputed to see which websites are ranking, while offering reasons why this might be so. 1AISEO crawls across every URL and pulls hundreds of important metrics concerning each one; using this data, 1AISEO then delivers crucial advice that can be leveraged to ultimately stay ahead of competitors.

1AISEO: Easy to Begin

1AISEO is the first system that harnesses the previously untapped power of a constantly evolving AI to give subscribers the information they need to increase their rankings. The AI settings are fully customizable and changeable, allowing daily recommendations to shift and reflect new information, based on alternating search-engine algorithms and parameters.

Getting started using the 1AISEO tool is easy:

  • Sign up for an account: subscription-based, or multiple free-access options available.
  • Choose a keyword and select where to rank (Google, Bing, for mobile/desktop, etc.).
  • The 1AISEO Recommendation Engine analyzes website rankings for specific keywords and URL combinations. Based on the results, 1AISEO provides usable future strategies to help rank better next time. This information is organic, changing each day as subscribers change their digital tactics and keyword approaches.

Unregistered users can get started immediately on 1AISEO for free, with three saved searches and three recommendations per day, per keyword. Registered users are also permitted three saved searches, but are allowed five recommendations per day, per keyword. Premium subscriptions are offered at $1 per setting (keyword + URL + search engine + device + city/country location) and routinely offer up to 30 SEO recommendations per keyword.

About DomainerSuite

Founded by Tony Aly, DomainerSuite is a Canadian software company engaged in website building since 2015. Tony is a longtime web developer and internet marketer who has specialized in SEO since 1999. Enlisting the help of senior computer scientist Sergio Abrahao, Tony and Sergio collaborated to create an AI platform that helps users boost SEO stats through research and targeted searches. After two years of extensive development and beta testing, 1AISEO was born.

Learn more about the newest software innovations at: https://domainersuite.com/

Media Contact:

Tony Aly, CEO



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