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With PowerPlay, Varick Makes it easier for Marketers to Unify Media Buying Across Walled Gardens to Drive Better Performance

NEW YORK, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Varick, the digital performance experts, today launched PowerPlay (learn more here), a pioneering move that combines buying, measuring and reporting across Google, Amazon and Facebook. The bundle ensures that marketers will get more out of their paid media investments, and as a result gain competitive advantage. By leveraging a single technology dashboard PowerPlay provides an acute understanding of how media drives growth for businesses.


"As marketers, we've been operating at a diminished capacity until now, with a lot of manual work going into making sense of each channel's performance," said Varick Chief Revenue Officer Jay Wolff "But, delivering streamlined reporting is just the beginning. Now marketers can have a multitouch optimization strategy, that focuses on both customer lifetime value and the role that each channel plays in performance."

PowerPlay ties in every aspect of media performance that matters for business growth to deliver more efficient spending, accurate projection on performance, and incremental conversion opportunities by understanding the relationship of indirect media exposure. By combining the three top performance media platforms into one view, marketers get better outcomes across channels and stronger optimizations that take into account a comprehensive view of what content and buying techniques perform best. The service was created by a group of media specialists and platform experts who can partner with existing in-house teams or agency partners to enhance how they buy and measure media performance.

Breaking down the walls between Google, Amazon, and Facebook – and across all addressable platforms – highlights how each channel drives business growth and exactly how and when to engage with customers.

"eMarketer states that 70% of digital ad spend in 2019 will go towards Google, Amazon and Facebook," said Wolff. "We know that these platforms are strong performance drivers, but how are marketers truly differentiating performance from each other? How are they making sense across the silos? PowerPlay puts our clients in a position to combine three very powerful platforms for the customized benefit of their businesses."

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