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Prance Gold Holdings Goes Global Amidst Global Uncertainty

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2020 / The Covid-19 pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty and a fear within global financial markets. The resulting volatility in economies and financial markets all over the world has led both investors and companies to take a step back and re-evaluate their investment choices and expansion plans.

However, with that being said, Prance Gold Holdings sees opportunities amidst the current market uncertainties, making bold moves into the Asia-Pacific market by offering its attractive and unique investment products available to investors in the region.

Prance Gold Holdings is a diversified investment holding company that prides itself in its ability to offer investors worldwide unprecedented speed, liquidity and opportunity to maximize their digital assets through the application of cutting-edge technologies in arbitrage trading of digital assets.

Most conventional investments or wealth management solutions such as Fixed Deposits at financial institutions, equity investments or bonds issued by governments either provide returns too low to even cover inflation, lack stability or are unaffordable to the average retail investor. However, Prance Gold Holdings utilizes a novel business model that is capable of offering investors not only guarantee, predictability and stability but also maximization of investment returns and liquidity while being extremely affordable all at the same time.

The short-term investment options that enable investors to realize returns on their investment in as little as 7 hours, is something that is unheard of in the investment world to-date and allows the company to cater to not only conventional investors but also crypto traders by offering them a safe, secure and viable option to park their funds when they are not trading, which is in line with Prance Gold's corporate mission.

Another unique point that sets Prance Gold apart from other companies and even established multinational financial institutions is the way clients are perceived. To most companies and financial institutions, clients are commonly viewed as merely customers who are buying an investment product and the investment returns given, is viewed as the product cost.

However, Prance Gold's stance is that every client is also a partner and stakeholder. As such, Prance Gold has a profit-sharing scheme that offers up to 30% of profits earned to their clients, which is something that goes way beyond industry benchmarks. Additionally, stability, viability and continuity in terms of arbitrage trading revenues and profits are guaranteed by Prance Gold's proprietary trading algorithm, better known as the Prance Gold Algorithm (PGA). The algorithm which leverages on big data and utilizes cutting edge technology to formulate trading strategies and execute arbitrage trades ensure absolute precision and profitability.

In these uncertain times, a sense of certainty is something that most, if not all investors value and appreciate. The ability of Prance Gold Holdings to effectively deliver certainty and more, at a starting investment of $1000 will ensure its ability to redefine the world of trading, investments and finance.

Amid the unprecedented global uncertainty and volatility arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, PGA's entry into the Asia-Pacific market will allow the company to cater to an increasing number of retail investors who are seeking refuge in safe-haven investment options. PGA uses arbitrage to make profits which is considered risk-free as it is not affected by any market movements, fulfilling the needs of the majority of retail investors.

Media contact

Company Name: Prance Gold Holdings Limited
Contact Person: Ms Linda Fairbrother
Email: lindafairbrother@prancegoldholdings.com
Telephone: +66 955170296
Website: www.prancegoldholdings.com

SOURCE: Prance Gold Holdings Limited

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