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Precipio Renews its Exclusive Agreement with Yale School of Medicine for an Additional Five Years

NEW HAVEN, CT / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2017 / Precipio Diagnostics, a company harnessing the experience, knowledge and expertise of academic-level pathology to deliver diagnostic accuracy to physicians and patients worldwide, announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Yale School of Medicine for an additional five years, after concluding its initial five year term.

Under the renewed agreement, Yale will continue to provide Precipio with exclusive access to its world-class pathologists for their professional diagnostic interpretation of clinical cases serving Precipio's customers.

"Patients are often unaware of the fact that oncologists rely on outside laboratories which determine the diagnosis. This diagnosis drives patients' treatment plans, and industry sources estimate as many as 10-20% of these cases are misdiagnosed," said Ilan Danieli, CEO of Precipio Diagnostics. "We find this unacceptable. Precipio's vision is to eliminate the problem of misdiagnosis by harnessing academic expertise, and making it available to physicians and their patients. Together with Yale, we have served over 3,000 individuals, building a significant amount of data that clearly demonstrates the advantages of academic pathologists in arriving at the right diagnosis. Improved accuracy rates translate into improved treatment outcomes, and this renewal shows Yale's strong dedication to the cause of delivering a high level of diagnostic expertise to the medical community."

Founded in 2011 and commencing clinical services in 2012, Precipio established its own laboratory in New Haven, CT alongside its partner, Yale University. The Company began its focus in cancer where the problem of misdiagnosis carries grave consequences.

"For many years I have believed that the resources and expertise developed within world-class academic institutions have not been properly utilized to benefit patients outside the walls of the university," said Professor Jon Morrow, MD, PhD, Chair of the Department of Pathology at Yale School of Medicine. "When the team at Precipio approached us with this novel idea, I saw an opportunity to expand our reach into the community setting, while helping patients and their physicians gain access to some of the brightest minds in the field. I am excited to continue building the partnership with Precipio and expand our service into other fields as well."

About Precipio

Precipio is a diagnostic company leveraging the medical expertise of highly respected academic institutions by providing exceedingly accurate diagnostic capabilities to physicians and their patients, therefore reducing the frequency of misdiagnosis. By doing so, physicians can help ensure that optimal treatment programs are recommended, improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Recognizing that the incorporation of cutting edge technologies could be utilized to further aid the diagnostic process with our academic partners, Precipio entered into a definitive merger agreement with Transgenomic, Inc. (TBIO) in late 2016. Transgenomic's Ice-Cold PCR (ICP), developed at the Dana Farber Cancer Center in Harvard University and licensed to Transgenomic, represents the first of several technologies that Precipio will add to its platform with the objective of further improving diagnostic accuracy for physicians and their patients. As Precipio continues to expand its platform of academic institutions, it will build its cadre of world-class experts and grow an arsenal of intellectual property-based technologies to further solutions that eradicate the problem of misdiagnosis. For more information on the Company, please visit www.precipiodx.com.

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Ilan Danieli, CEO

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Mike Cole
MZ North America

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