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Prediction Saturday: Rams head out on moster road trip

Steve Rivera
Tavon Austin, Case Keenum and Mike Thomas, Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams head out for a very long road trip beginning tomorrow. This time with stops in Detroit and the U.K, L.A. Is looking to build on some early season success stymied by a loss at home last week against Buffalo. Have no doubt, these next two weeks will say a lot about this team, and where they are likely headed come the second half of this season.

Offensively, the Lions have the better quarterback, and in this league, that’s a huge factor. However, the Rams have a defense capable of shutting down even the best of offenses. Better teams, and quarterbacks have posted losses against Los Angeles this season. Wins against Seattle and Arizona, and even a cross country win at Tampa have shown that there is more to this team than last week would show.

However, the Rams have injuries on the defensive side of the ball that will hurt. Factor that with a quarterback like Matthew Stafford who can go off any given Sunday, and the prospects of Case Keenum needing to keep up will make you queasy.


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All that said, on paper, these two teams aren’t polar opposites. ESPN has the Lions with a 67.1% chance of winning tomorrow. Also, Detroit averages only a touchdown better per game, and is only allowing its opponents a little less than 4 points per contest (25.0 to 21.2, respectively). The downside is Los Angeles struggles in the red zone, making touchdowns something of a premium for the Rams.

Los Angeles needs to win the field position battle, giving its special teams a chance to kick field goals, which is something Greg Zuerlein has excelled at. Keenum can’t match Stafford, and unless Todd Gurley breaks free, or the offense finds another gear, the Rams defense will need to carry the day to help win a close one.

One more thing; The Rams have played on Monday night, and then had only 1:00 PM kickoffs all this season. Sunday is a 10:00 AM start on the west coast. It’s a small footnote, but one worth mentioning.

It may be close tomorrow, but not close enough.

Rams 19

Detroit 24

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