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Premier League preview week: Every team breakdown, all in one place

Chelsea won the Premier League for the fifth time in 2017, but the Blues face stiff competition to repeat. (Getty)

Thank you for joining us for FC Yahoo‘s Premier League preview week. Our staff of Leander Schaerlaeckens, Henry Bushnell, Ryan Bailey, Shahan Ahmed, Alex Baker and Joey Gulino all contributed to this week’s rankings, writeups and analysis. Although we picked Manchester City to win the league, statistically speaking, your team has a 1 in 20 shot, so good luck!

1. Man City

2. Man United

3. Chelsea

4. Spurs

5. Arsenal

6. Liverpool

7. Toffees

8. West Ham

9. Saints

10. Leicester City

11. Magpies

12. Crystal Palace

13. West Brom

14. Bournemouth

15. Stoke City

16. Swansea City

17. Watford

18. Brighton & Hove Albion

19. Burnley

20. Huddersfield Town

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