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Prepmedians Launches Entertainment-Focused Standardized Test-Preparation Platform

CHICAGO, May 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, May 2, 2019, Prepmedians ("test prep comedians") is thrilled to announce the official launch of their entertainment-focused standardized test-preparation platform. At Prepmedians.com, high school students gain access to all the content, strategies, and practice questions they need to succeed on the SAT Writing & Language / ACT English sections.

Prepmedians teaches its powerful video-based curriculum through sketch comedy, parody, music, and rap. The videos feature 5 Prepmedians, comprised of Broadway actors and professional sketch comedians, and Kalyan Ray-Mazumder, a perfect-scoring tutor who developed these strategies over his 5000+ hours of tutoring the SAT / ACT during which a majority of his students attained 95th+ percentile scores in English.

"Think of us as Khan Academy meets Saturday Night Live," says founder Ray-Mazumder, a professional actor himself.

"I've read numerous studies about how properly engaging the amygdala, the brain's emotional center, can help the hippocampus, the brain's memory center, to increase student's abilities to memorize concepts," says Ray-Mazumder who graduated magna cum laude as a Psychology and Theater major from Yale University. "This emotion-memory interplay is why we all remember our favorite jokes, song lyrics, and parts of movies. I'm simply teaching test prep strategies through those same media."

Indeed, Prepmedians was founded on one basic principle: students deserve to laugh while they learn.

Ray-Mazumder and his management team, all of whom are Full-Time MBAs from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, are passionate about giving everyone the chance to compete in the academic race, regardless of socioeconomic status and ability to engage with traditional material. Thus, they chose to provide free access to the Basic Tier for students to prep for the June SAT Writing & Language / ACT English tests. The $29.99 June prep package add-on then gives users full content and strategies for these sections taught through 20+ entertaining videos with 350+ answers and explanations. Closed captioning and varying speeds are available on all videos.

In accordance with its mission, Prepmedians is currently working to partner with charter schools and is taking part in the Social New Venture Challenge accelerator in Chicago, IL, where Prepmedians is based.

The launch occurs at a perfect time for high school students looking for both last minute tips for the May 4th SAT and for a thorough program for the June 1st SAT and June 8th ACT.

For more information, please contact Kalyan Ray-Mazumder at info@prepmedians.com or visit Prepmedians.com.


Prepmedians Content Team

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