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President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition

Bruce Haring

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President Donald Trump is in France this weekend, meeting with world leaders at the G7 Summit. He’s also closely monitoring what’s going on with his friends and foes in the media.

Of biggest concern to the Commander-in-Tweet was his ability to screen those who respond to his Twitter posts  The Department of Justice has asked for a reconsideration of a federal appeals court ruling that blocking people on Twitter was an “unconstitutional viewpoint demonstration” under the First Amendment.

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The argument against it is that Trump’s Twitter account is not public property, but belongs to him personally. The DOJ likened it to excluding someone from their personal residence. “And what is true for real property is likewise true for a social media account.”

On today’s tweetstorm menu: a refutation of the “Messiah complex” theory (he was only kidding, folks), and a reminder of tax cuts to come if only the presidency, House and Senate are controlled by Republicans (“Democrats only want to raise your taxes!”)

We’ll add more as the President adds to the log. The tweetstorm so far:


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