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President Trump: We will work hard to minimize effect of Hurricane Dorian

Elizabeth McKernan

The president made no qualms about it, “it seems to one of the biggest hurricanes we’ve ever seen, and that’s a problem.”

Hurricane Dorian made landfall Sunday afternoon at Elbow Cay in the Abacos, making history as the first category 5 storm in recorded history to ever hit the islands.

185 mph winds were recorded as the storm forged westward.

“It is a very, very powerful hurricane,” the president explained to reporters on the White House lawn.

“We will work very hard to minimize the effect of whatever’s coming at us.”

Trump said the federal government is working hard with local and state authorities to prepare for the worst.

Hurricane hunters traveling by air through the storm reported a “stadium effect” inside the eye of the beast, which happens with powerful storms. The eye looks like the bowl of a sports stadium when plumes of quickly-rising air swirl into the storm and move outwards from the core according to The Washington Post.


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