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President Trump leaves Melania in the rain without an umbrella on their way to Florida -- and Twitter has the best reaction

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President Trump and Melania departed to storm-ravaged Florida on Monday morning to assess the damage from last week's Hurricane Michael. However, Twitter noticed an awkward moment shared between the first couple as they embarked on their trip, and the viral footage has seemingly overshadowed the administration's humanitarian efforts. 

As the two prepared to board the Marine One helicopter bound for Florida, Trump, holding an umbrella, moved away from his wife to talk to reporters, leaving Melania standing in the rain. He then rejoins her on the walk to the helicopter, but keeps the umbrella over his own head.  

The moment was caught on video, where it's since spurred quite the frenzy on Twitter. 

"Trump being an unchivalrous ... and hogging the umbrella, per usual," wrote one tweeter. "Trump standing with the massive umbrella over him while his wife gets rained on just says so much," said another.

However, photos of the two walking closer to the helicopter show Melania receiving a little more shelter from the umbrella than before. 

PHOTO: Reuters 

This isn't the first time the president has made headlines for the "unchivalrous" move. Back in January, Trump appeared to "hog" the umbrella while Melania and Barron boarded Air Force One in the rain and wind while leaving West Palm Beach. 

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”Just seen Donald Trump getting on his plane holding an umbrella for himself while his son and wife get soaked in the rain. Says it all about him! #selfishTrump," wrote one tweeter

For more on the Trump's visit to Florida on Monday, watch the video above.

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