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Presidents' Day Deals you can't miss out on

Presidents’ Day is coming up, and retailers are hoping you’ve recovered from the December holiday season and are ready to shop again. Vera Gibbons, founder of NoPoNews.com — a news website offering personal finance and consumer tips — dug to find the best sales for the coming holiday weekend.

Some sales are already underway, but most deals start around Valentine’s Day. Most deals last through the weekend, with a few lasting even past the holiday, on Feb. 19

Winter accessories

It’s the height of winter, so it’s a bad time to be buying winter coats and gloves, right? Not necessarily.

“Anything that is still on the clearance rack is going to be marked down over Presidents’ Day weekend, up to 70% off,” because now is when “retailers are making way for the spring stuff, and they want to get rid of all that winter merchandise,” says Gibbons.


“Presidents’ Day weekend sales and mattresses go hand-in-hand,” Gibbons says. In fact, some people wait specifically for these sales to buy a new mattress. Retailers may offer up to 75% off, zero percent interest and free delivery.


Do your socks have holes in them? Now is the time to replace them, Gibbons says. Stores will offer 35 to 50% off on them.

“It’s not the sexiest category, but it’s an excellent time to load up on these basics,” Gibbons says. “It’s the retailers’ way of actually getting you to spend a little more money than you anticipated.”

Home gym

If you started the new year ready to shed those last few pounds, it’s good news this weekend — exercise equipment is up to 50% off.

“Chances are you’ve been to the gym a few times, you’re getting into the swing of things,” says Gibbons. “Now you may be looking to extend the momentum.”

“Retailers know that, and they are looking to bring you in and get you to buy, so they incentivize things like ellipticals, treadmills and other home gym equipment,” she says.