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Press Conference To Announce High-Profile Class Action Targeting Fraudulent Healthcare Insurance Scam

MIAMI, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --


Law firms Levine Kellogg Lehman Schneider + Grossman (LKLSG) in Florida, The Doss Firm in Georgia and plaintiffs Chris Mitchell as well as Elizabeth Belin will be hosting a tele-press conference to announce a class action lawsuit against publicly traded Health Insurance Innovations (HIIQ), Inc. and its subsidiary Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings, LLC (HPIH) for defrauding hundreds of thousands of vulnerable consumers nationwide.

The lawsuit takes aim at HIIQ and HPIH for directing, aiding and abetting a $150 million fraudulent scheme with Simple Health Plans, a South Florida company that was shut down in October 2018 by the Federal Trade Commission. The lawsuit alleges that HIIQ took part in defrauding consumers through a scripted set of misstatements and key omissions, leading consumers to believe that their limited benefit indemnity plans and medical discount plans were major medical insurance and met the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  

The press conference will provide reporters with background on this case, share the profile of consumers targeted in the fraud, detail the impact this scam has had on consumers and healthcare costs, provide next steps in the lawsuit and dive into the bigger picture of fraud in the health care industry. Following statements from each speaker, the moderator will open it up for questions.


Jason Kellogg, partner, LKLSG, practices commercial and corporate litigation in federal and state trial and appellate courts, and before arbitral panels.

Jason Doss, owner, The Doss Firm, represents consumers across the country in a variety of areas including investment disputes and consumer class action litigation.

Chris Mitchell, plaintiff, will discuss how he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and just days before surgery, he was told that he insurance would not cover his procedure. Despite paying an enrollment fee and over $200 in monthly premiums for nearly two years, he was left with bills exceeding $40,000. He described the difficulties caused by the Defendants as oftentimes more difficult than fighting cancer.

Elizabeth Belin, plaintiff, will share her story on how she received bills in excess of $48,000 more than her annual salary after having knee surgery because Simple Health sold her what she thought was a comprehensive health care plan.  


Wednesday, June 12th
1pm to 2pm ET


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