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On Press Freedom Day Journalists for Human Rights Launches Mobilizing Media Campaign

TORONTO, May 3, 2017 /CNW/ - To mark World Press Freedom Day, Journalists for Human Rights (www.jhr.ca) is launching our Mobilizing Media Campaign.

Journalists for Human Rights is committed to training journalists around the world on how to effectively and objectively report on human rights issues.

This month, JHR has targeted to raise $10,000 to continue this life-saving work. We need your help.

When journalists are empowered and free to cover human rights, governments are more accountable and people's lives improve. "In May we commit to report each week on how human rights stories produced by JHR trained journalists have had real positive impact for people," says Executive Director Rachel Pulfer.

JHR puts this in action every day. Just three weeks ago a JHR-mentored journalist, Kidega Livingstone, got justice for victims of rape in South Sudan. 

Several women just outside of Juba, South Sudan were raped by soldiers from the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). Journalist Kidega Livingstone, trained by JHR, reported these crimes in the Juba Monitor and called for an investigation. The SPLA confirmed that the rapes occurred, launched an investigation into the situation and arrested several soldiers for the crime. This is free media in action.

Freedom House Report

As the 2017 Freedom House Report indicates, journalists are increasingly up against challenges worldwide.

The report, which JHR contributed to, charts a worrying trend of global democratic decline. Several societies, have turned their backs on democratic decision-making in favour of putting public trust in authoritarian strongmen. Such regimes favour tight control over media and information.

In such a global context, press freedom rights must be continually fought for.

Yet Kidega Livingstone's work in South Sudan also shows how society benefits when a smart, determined journalist pushes the limits.

When journalists are free to do their jobs, everyone benefits.

So please join us and support the Mobilizing Media Campaign.

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