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Prevention focused Advocacy for future Humanitarian Crises supporting Covid impacted professionals

·4 min read

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Fibromyalgia can happen to any of us if certain factors are in place. Melissa Talwar, Executive Director of the Support Fibromyalgia Network, has seen a jump in community growth from various professional industry groups including healthcare providers, law enforcement, first responders, military veterans, teachers and government employees. She has been focused with her organization on how to raise awareness through various educational efforts ranging from webinars, advocacy, and a project called "Project ECHO" meant to teach other medical providers about fibromyalgia. Melissa shared, "A major focus in Q1 2022 is to amplify the voices of those that endure daily suffering to be a warning to others in the community about what is happening to their bodies and what they are learning."

Transformation is Possible, Choose Empowerment, Take Action, www.thomasinomedia.
Transformation is Possible, Choose Empowerment, Take Action, www.thomasinomedia.

Prevention focused Advocacy for future Humanitarian Crises supporting Covid impacted professionals. Take Action Now

Partnership in our local communities is paramount to creating speed to health leading to faster diagnosis and reduction of suffering. Kristen Thomasino, Buddytown Consulting LLC, has formed a strategic health and wellness think tank to assist patient leaders and other organizations. As a recovery patient from severe fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease markers it has been a priority for her to find ways to enable health education and resources for others. She highlights, "We learn from our history that we are a product of our inputs and not alone."

She studied the startling data and predictions for autoimmune disease in the United States that was reported by the Centers for Disease Control in 2019 and that inspired her current social good mission for healthcare.

Her case shows how changes in nutrition, physical therapy provided by Doctor Tatum Robinson and Jonathan Vance Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist of Phoenix Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, and other practices created harmony after years of suffering. She also worked with specialists, neurologist Doctor Joseph Chipman, rheumatologist Doctor Charles Withers II, and Health Coach and Educator, Latisha Williams. Partnered with her brother Vincent Thomasino they studied various conditions to apply daily actions to improve her health.

Looms for Lupus co-founders, Estela Mata and Juana Mata, have been bilingually "iLOOminating," supporting, empowering and advocating for those living with lupus, fibromyalgia, mental health and other overlapping conditions because they understand how various inputs can impact your form and the importance of community because of the challenges with comorbid conditions.

Estela, Executive Director commented, "We provide a warm welcoming family focused approach to share various outlets for people in all phases to help manage their suffering." They do this by working with the newly diagnosed, caregivers and those that have been living with these chronic conditions for decades.

Advocacy is important to the Mata sisters who have a passion for unifying with others, which is why they advocate at a local, national, and international level. Many in the chronic illness community have issues with getting to diagnosis initially due to common misconceptions about pain being only about mental health management.

Juana Mata noted, "Yes mental health management is one key in holistic health management however it is also the results of the suffering the body is experiencing. This is why we are in the community and collaborate with mental health leaders to ensure the community has the resources, awareness and support they need to get help and end the stigma around mental health because it is as important as physical health."

Understanding what the diverse patient community needs to be able to rise out of suffering and into empowerment is the goal of this Health Council and the long-term advocacy work at the federal, state, and local levels. To act as a guide to our senators and local community members as servant leaders on a quest to help humanity. The council acknowledges that current events have caused trauma across our communities and with that great risk to our bodies due to the constant input of stress. For some that is now manifesting in various ways and with recent increases in crime and violence its important that we take a stand to raise awareness and provide recommendations to help support our essential workers to take "productive actions for positive outcomes."

Click to learn about the Health Council and 2022 Fibromyalgia Advocacy Campaign.

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