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Price Rollback On Walmart Stock

The stock of Walmart has dropped down to test the level of its November breakout to all-time highs.

Back in October 2015, the stock of Walmart was in the throes of a decline so bad it had folks wondering if it would be “Always Low Prices” for WMT. Due to a profusion of potential technical support factors near the $60 level, just below its price at the time, we didn’t see it that way.  Indeed after a brief test, WMT would rebound. And by last November, the stock had recovered all the way back to its all-time highs set in early 2015 near $90.

From November:

We noted this accomplishment in a post last November. In a Premium Post at The Lyons Share, we also speculated on what might be next for the stock, at least ideally:

“What’s next for Wal-Mart? Is the run over — or will a possible breakout kick-start a new substantial advance above previous highs.

First off, given the prominence of the former 2015 all-time highs in the vicinity of the $90, some consolidation or pullback from this level would not be surprising. In fact, as we have mentioned before, it would actually be a healthy development. An attempt at a breakout above the $90 level without some consolidation first would not likely be sustainable. After more than a 60% rally over the past 2 years — and nearly 40% just in the past 10 months — the stock likely lacks the necessary fuel for an immediate successful breakout and new durable up-leg.”

Well, the stock laughed at our idealism and continued to march directly higher, reaching as high as $110 by the end of January. But, as we surmised, that breakout, without resting first and refueling, has now been completely unwound. And we currently find the stock testing back near the breakout level around $90.

If you’ve followed us for awhile, you know that we are fond of buying tests of breakout levels. As such, from a risk/reward standpoint, this may be an attractive spot to pick up some WMT stock on the price rollback.

In another TLS Premium Post, we take a deeper dive into some of the other important factors on WMT’s chart, and a specific strategy for this particular trade.

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