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Prime Day surprise: Get an Alexa and Google enabled smart thermostat for only $46!

Maren Estrada

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When people think of smart thermostats, the first things that come to mind are devices like the Nest Learning Thermostat (now on sale at an all-time low!) and ecobee SmartThermostat. Those gadgets are great, of course, but they’re also pretty pricey. If you want something that supports Alexa and Google Assistant but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, today is definitely the day you’ve been waiting for. A special unexpected Prime Day 2019 deal just popped up on the Insteon 2441TH Smart Wall Thermostat, slashing the price all the way down to just $45.99!

Here’s more detail from the product page:

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While You’re Home
Have you ever wanted to bump up the heat on a cold winter’s morning before you sneak out from under the covers? Combine Insteon Thermostat with Insteon Hub and use your smartphone to adjust the temperature for the epitome of at-home comfort.

While You’re Away
Your life doesn’t follow a perfectly preset schedule – so why should your thermostat? Adjust the temperature from your smartphone when you’re coming home late from work, when traveling, or get the temperature just right before arriving to your second home.

While Your Hands are Full
There’s no better remote control than your voice. With Amazon Echo and an Insteon Thermostat, adjust the temperature with just your voice; no need to reach for your smartphone. Requires Insteon Hub.

Insteon + Amazon Alexa
Use your voice to control Insteon thermostats, lights, appliances, scenes, and more with Amazon Alexa. Requires Insteon Hub. Requires Insteon Hub.

Insteon + Logitech Harmony
Integrate your Insteon lights and appliances into Logitech Harmony activities and control your lights from your Harmony Home remote control. Requires Insteon Hub.

Insteon + Google Assistant
Insteon works with the Google Assistant on voice-activated speakers, eligible Android phones, TVs, and more. Requires Insteon Hub.

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