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Prince Harry's ultimate desire revealed: What he 'so badly craves' as he prepares his future with Meghan Markle

Gibson Johns, AOL.com

As Prince Harry continues to look towards a future with girlfriend Meghan Markle, sources close to the couple are revealing what their potential future wedding day could look like.

Us Weekly published a new report this week that could serve as a sneak peek at their nuptials, and the outlet's source alleges that Harry has a definitive idea of what he wants.

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"Pomp and pageantry is the last thing he would want," a source told Us. "I can see him wanting to get married at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. It would stop it from turning into a media circus and give the day a sense of private that Harry so badly craves."

Harry already giving so much thought to his potential wedding day should come as no surprise, especially following another Us Weekly report earlier this month that claimed that he and Markle are "already" engaged.

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"I think it's already happened, but they're holding the news back until she has finished on 'Suits,'" a source said. "While Meghan may not be wearing a ring or a formal engagement announced, it's fair to say they're as good as engaged now."

"They've spoken about their marriage plans openly with each other and friends and family around them are pretty much thinking about wedding attire already," the source continued.

It's unclear if Markle's "Suits," currently in the middle of season 7, will return for an eighth season -- reports surfaced this week that Markle had "quit" the show -- but when that engagement announcement does come, don't expect too much fanfare.

"[They] will most likely hold a small photo call at Kensington Palace, with just one photographer and a journalist invited," Us Weekly reported. "On the same day, they're do a TV interview that will be syndicated around the world."

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See photos of Meghan Markle through the years:

As reported plans for their wedding continue to be thought about, so too are details around the actual logistics of their lives together. A big question on everyone's minds is where they'll settle down, and a new report this week is alleging that the couple has been house hunting in the Cotswolds.

A move to the star-studded English countryside would give Meghan and Harry some very famous neighbors, as Victoria and David Beckham, Kate Moss and Harry's father, Prince Charles, all have homes in the area.

"It's not surprising that Harry would like to live where he feels at home," The Daily Mail reported. "He has lived in the Cotswolds all his life and often returns to visit his father. After his mother died, it became a place of sanctuary. hen the boys entered their teens, Charles bought several homes in the area, thinking they might want one in the future."

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