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Prince Harry gets reprimanded by 5-year-old in adorable moment: 'Wipe your feet!'

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

Queen Elizabeth II might not be thrilled to hear about this!

Prince Harry accidentally forgot his manners on Tuesday in Manchester as he stopped by a veteran's home for a family visit. Simon Flores' three children --  Kobbi, Damaso and Lily-Anne -- greeted the prince at their front door, but Lily-Anne wasn't about to be swayed by his royal status.

"Wipe your feet," she instructed, according to HuffPost UK.

Prince Harry quickly obliged, rubbing his shoes on the door mat as he politely added, "Can I come in? Is that all? Shall I take my shoes off?"

Photographers captured the priceless moment, snapping the prince as he shook hands with Lily-Anne before getting the green light to step inside her house.

The adorable girl always tells guests to wipe their feet: "She is the princess of the house," her father told the Daily Mail.

Simon Flores is a retired soldier, and his is one of 19 military families residing on Canada Street. Prince Harry visited the street two years ago as part of a BBC project to redevelop homes for ex-servicemen, and he returned this week to learn how the house transformations have impacted their residents.

The visit came just one day after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they are expecting their third child. In response to a question about his sister-in-law's morning sickness, Harry replied, "I haven't seen her for awhile, but I think she is okay."