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This private igloo is the closest you can get to the Northern Lights

AOL.com Editors

This resort features transparent igloos tucked in the snow, making it one of the most magical places to experience the Northern Lights.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is a family-run hotel in Finnish Lapland that provides guests with breathtaking views of the Auroras. Located just 155 miles from the Arctic Circle, it is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Not only is the view spectacular, but the business has quite a unique history. Dating all the way back to 1973, the owner first discovered the area after running out of fuel on a fishing trip. He had no choice but to camp out overnight in Kakslauttanen where soon after, he started up a small cafe to serve travelers. Eventually, the cafe business grew and the owner, Jussi, stayed put. Today, the resort is still run by Jussi and his family and is internationally versed as Finland's best-known travel business. 

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Aside from the scenery, the resort has relaxing and fun activities for the whole family, such as smoke saunas and ice swimming. There are two restaurants on site, as well, that serve delicious local Lappish cuisine.

There are many different igloos offered during the winter, autumn, and summer seasons, although autumn is when you can catch the Northern Lights at their best. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is also a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons as it truly is a once in a lifetime experience

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