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Pro.com Tells You How Much Those Home Repairs You’ve Been Putting Off Are Going to Cost

Rafe Needleman
Editorial Director, Yahoo Tech
Yahoo Tech

Pro.com, launching today, is a service that will send a single home contractor to your door to take care of several home-repair and maintenance items on your list, all at once.

Tell the site you need a new water heater, a room painted, and a fence repaired, and the service will scour its list for a contracting company that can do it all for you. It’ll also come up with an estimated cost of the entire project, based on your location and additional details you provide.

Pro.com has a nice tool for knocking a lot of projects off your “honey do” list at once.

In Seattle only so far, you can also book a contractor. That’s the model for Pro.com’s future: The company is trying to make home repair as easy as it is now to book a restaurant (OpenTable), find a private car and driver (Uber or Lyft), or get information about car repair (YourMechanic).

If you’re in Seattle, Pro.com will let you book contractors. If not, sorry; you’ve got to pick up the phone and call one yourself.

Unfortunately for everywhere in the U.S. but Seattle, the best the site can do right now is give you a price estimate and find a contracting company that can do the jobs you need, based on data Pro.com has gathered from its various sources. The company’s CEO says Pro.com does a better job of qualifying contractors than anyone. But you still have to contact the contractor and set up the appointment yourself.

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