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Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee Warren Sapp Getting Nomination for Humanity Hall of Fame With His Lifesaving Sleep Apnea Awareness Work

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 30, 2013) - Global Sleep Apnea Pioneer, ZYPPAH founder and inventor Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, is proud to announce that he and recent Pro Hall of Fame Inductee Warren Sapp have aligned once again to save the NFL, current and retired professional athletes, and people everywhere from Sleep Apnea, one of the world's most ruthless killers and according to a revealing article, a leading contributor to the shockingly low life expectancy of NFL linemen (52 years of age).

While Warren Sapp prepares for his Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction in Canton, Ohio this August 3rd, millions will tune in to celebrate and support one of football's all-time legends; however, what most people don't know is that in January of 2013, Warren Sapp met with sleep science authority Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, who had Sapp tested for multiple sleep-related issues. The test revealed that Warren had Obstructive Sleep Apnea. According to leading experts, Untreated Sleep Apnea leads to serious health risks like stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's and cancer; it is estimated that over 100 million people worldwide have sleep apnea and 80% are undiagnosed.

This was a revelation for Sapp, who quickly took action and joined forces with Dr. Greenburg and ZYPPAH to form S.A.P.P. (Sleep Apnea Prevention Project), and deliver the highly anticipated episode 2 of their multipart documentary series, which chronicles the Super Bowl XXXVII Champion's life changing journey from chronic snorer and Obstructive Sleep Apnea victim to empowered survivor and champion for the cause.

While Warren Sapp spent thirteen seasons in the NFL making things difficult for opponents, he has since become an outspoken champion for Sleep Apnea and proper testing for professional athletes, especially all NFL players reporting to camp. In a rare event, one of football's all-time toughest competitors allows himself to be truly vulnerable in an effort to save lives by showing how simple the sleep testing process is. The next installment of his personal Sleep Apnea journey documentary shows his appreciation for Dr. Greenburg's work and the drive the NFL legend has to save lives by revealing how simple it would be for the NFL and other professional organizations to implement mandatory sleep testing; the video and sentiment are game changing.

Dr. Greenburg commented, "Based on my vast experience with the treatment of snoring and Sleep Apnea, it is safe to say that a staggering number of professional athletes and football players like Warren Sapp suffer from Sleep Apnea. Sadly, untreated Sleep Apnea is an absolute killer; however, the condition can be safely treated with proper guidance, while improving performance and quality of life. If Reggie White's Sleep Apnea was properly treated, he may still be here today." Greenburg continued, "With Warren's help, we are embarking on a mission to raise awareness among professional athletes and the masses. With mandatory sleep testing and a simple device like ZYPPAH, athletes will perform better, react quicker and live longer."

For more information about Dr. Greenburg or ZYPPAH, visit www.SAPPCares.com.