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Pro-Trump USA.Life Social Network CEO Responds to Conservative Censorship, "Conservatives are Safer at USA.Life than on Other Social Media"

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Steven Andrew, CEO of USA.Life, announced "the pro-Trump social network USA.Life is safer for conservatives than Facebook." This is in response to the ongoing censorship of conservatives and the possible breakup of Facebook. USA.Life provides conservatives, Christians, President Trump supporters and patriotic Americans an uncensored place to speak freely.

USA.Life has attracted a strong conservative community that doesn't want to be censored just six months after being launched.

Many USA.Life users were banned or restricted on Facebook. Users show strong support for USA.Life as a conservative Facebook alternative.

The people experiencing the difference in patriotic liberty share positive testimonies.

"I am a 3 times banned FB member. By God's Grace I found USA.life and now I can post anything I want without being censored," said Ellen Bernal.

"I am inviting all my friends that believe in America to come over to the light!!" commented Rand Boyd.

"No free speech on Facebook...Thank God for USA.Life!" said Barbara Bearden.

Andrew, who is from Silicon Valley, was also banned by Facebook.

He says, "Facebook blocked 5 million people per month from my account alone, so I started USA.Life to give conservatives a social network that didn't block their First Amendment right to free speech. Now, people are signing up fast."

"Those interested in a free account on the pro-Trump social network can sign up at https://USA.Life and start using USA.Life today," he said.

The Justice Department and House Judiciary Committee in July announced antitrust investigations into multiple Big Tech companies, including Facebook and Google. Concerns include Big Tech reducing competition and stifling innovation.

However, Andrew believes USA.Life is the answer for conservatives today, because "any breakup of Facebook will be slow and limited."

"Without USA.Life, freedom and privacy could be lost forever," Andrew said.

Users can share photos, updates, news, videos and messages. There are groups and people can connect with those most important to them.

"The USA.Life social network is needed to protect free speech. USA.Life is the conservative Facebook alternative," Andrew said.

USA.Life is user supported. "We don't have the billions of dollars Facebook has, so we rely on generous gifts from supporters," Andrew said. Those who want to make a difference so conservatives are not censored can donate on the USA.Life crowdfunding page.

About USA.Life

USA.Life social network is the answer to Big Tech companies censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty. People have freedom and privacy at USA.Life.

Media contact:
Steven Andrew
877 585-7729


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