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Pro-Western party in the lead in Montenegro vote: pollster

PODGORICA (Reuters) - The pro-Western Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic was ahead in Montenegro's parliamentary elections on Sunday, pollster CEMI said on the basis of a forecast based on a partial vote count, pollster CEMI said.

With 20.6 percent of ballots collected from polling stations, CEMI forecast that the DPS would get 42.2 percent, while the opposition Democratic Front alliance of pro-Western and pro-Serb parties would get 22.8 percent. KLJUC ("The Key"), another alliance that opposes Djukanovic, would get 11.6 percent.

Djukanovic, who campaigned on a promise to take the tiny former Yugoslav republic of 620,000 people into the NATO alliance, has ruled the country as President or Prime Minister for almost a quarter of a century.

(Reporting By Aleksandar Vasovic, editing by Thomas Escritt)