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ProbioSlim Reviews: Important News Reported by Researched Reviews

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - November 24, 2015) - Crucial Update: Cindy Walters, research consultant who is featured in numerous news publications has just published her latest report. In this exclusive report, Ms. Walters provides a profoundly important resource shown right below:

Access the News Reported Most Effective Probiotic Supplement Available Right Here

Researched Reviews Reports Their Latest Findings: (ProbioSlim)

This release is written on behalf of Researched Reviews. It is an Independent report of their conclusions for the product ProbioSlim.

Researched Reviews has now posted their latest reports regarding the nutritional supplement ProbioSlim describing it as a specially-formulated probiotic formula that treats not only intestinal and digestive problems but also has the added benefit of reducing overall weight for the user.

Analyst Cindy Walters states, "In my evaluation The ProbioSlim Brand should be considered a breakthrough in the industry. Their exclusive formula features the Latest Technology probiotic called LactoSpore®. It is a unique and resilient spore-forming probiotic that is scientifically engineered to survive the harsh environment of the gastrointestinal system to provide maximum digestive benefit. It consists of the entire hereditary information enveloped by a resistant outer coating."

Analyst David Kingston reports, "The amazing Spores can survive without nutrients and they are extremely resistant to adverse factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, desiccation, high temperature, freezing, chemicals and will survive the acidity of stomach, bile acids and digestive enzymes better than any other product we have reviewed. These spores can survive for extended periods because of resistance."

Researched Reviews takes an in-depth look at this new probiotic supplement to see if it can deliver on its promises to consumers with Mr. Kingston's Report:

"Shocking New ProbioSlim Report -- This Might Change Your Mind"

ProbioSlim: Consumers Financial Investment (Price)

Researched Reviews specialist Mr. Kingston reports on important pricing information in the report. Orders are processed using the industry-standard 256-bit security encryption.

Typically the consumers would be billed as follows: Get the Lowest Discount Price For ProbioSlim Available Right Here

Research analyst David Kingston now reports, "Many previous probiotic treatments we have reviewed have been either ineffective or have been laden with numerous negative side effects. ProbioSlim seems to manage to avoid both of those problems entirely using a patented system that no other probiotics supplement we have found on the market is using."

"This is due to the active ingredients within the supplement. Probiotics are supposed to infuse the intestines with beneficial bacteria. This is supposed to create a positive bacterial balance between good and bad bacteria, both of which are necessary for a healthy digestive system."

"Because many probiotics lack certain ingredients that ProbioSlim claims to have, the benefits most other products provide tend to get flushed out of the intestines."

Researched Review Reports Another Major Benefit: ProbioSlim is one of the only probiotic supplements we found that contain prebiotics.

Mr. Kingston said, "Almost all probiotic supplements lack prebiotics, which are the fuel for probiotics to grow and flourish. Without this fuel, probiotics and their benefits can be lost from the body regularly. They may not take hold within the intestines and do what they are supposed to do."

Mr. Kingston added, "Probiotics supplements that lack the prebiotics tend to fail miserably. They may work over the short term, offering slightly better results for a very small period of time. But since the beneficial bacteria cannot thrive well without this prebiotic fuel, they can quickly lose their benefits and exit the body."

"The prebiotics within ProbioSlim come from papaya extract, fig and kiwi. These give probiotics, or healthy bacteria, the food they need to really do well and to perform their functions as beneficial bacteria for the digestive system. But this is not the only set of ingredients that this nutritional supplement contains."

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Ms. Walters proclaims, "While most probiotic manufactures will simply be satisfied with offering only digestive benefits, ProbioSlim goes a step further by providing fat-burning ingredients. Using green tea extract, it works in multiple levels to get rid of fat. The means of fat reduction is through both thermogenesis and fat oxidation."

"Thermogenesis is a process that improves metabolism, to put it simply. It basically heats up the body and almost literally burns the fat away. The green tea extract increases the heat within the body enough to burn off fat cells but not enough to cause any major side effects for the user. This has been proven to be one of the most effective and safest ways to get rid of fat because it uses the body's natural fat burning processes to do the job."

MUST SEE: ProbioSlim Named Editor's Choice Award Finalist by SupplySide CPG Editor's Choice Awards

"Fat oxidation is similar to thermogenesis, but it is different in key ways. It gets rid of fat as well by burning it up but it actually converts the fat into energy or muscle during this process. The fat is used up quickly as it enters the body, but it is also put to good use. The body would do this on its own if someone were to exercise vigorously, but the great tea extract ensures that the fat is able to be oxidized without the need for physical exertions. As the fat enters the body, it gets turned into usable energy that invigorates the user."

Researched Reviews Report Also Addresses Important Consumer Questions.

  • Is ProbioSlim a Scam? (No, ProbioSlim Is Not A Scam)

  • According to the product manufacturer: Unlike other probiotics, the ingredient LactoSpore® forms its own spores that protect the release of probiotics until it has safely passed through the harsh environment of the stomach and reached the colon. This prevents stomach acid from killing off the beneficial microorganisms and counteracting ProbioSlim's effects.

  • Is ProbioSlim Safe?
    According to the product manufacturer: Unlike some extreme diet pills, ProbioSlim carries no risk of harmful side effects.

  • How fast will ProbioSlim work for me?
    According to the product manufacturer: Supplements like ProbioSlim take time to build up in your system, but you may notice some benefits starting in just days. We recommend, however, that you use ProbioSlim for at least three months to experience the full benefits.

Must See: Critical New Info About ProbioSlim Is Now In

Researched Reviews Also Reports on How ProbioSlim Works:

Mr. Kingston proclaims, "The nutritional supplement ProbioSlim works in numerous ways to benefit the body. It has been shown to reduce weight in people who have not been able to reduce weight through other means. When those with serious weight loss goals hit a wall in their efforts to slim down, many of the things they try may not be working. Their pills, shakes, exercise routines and other dieting methods may not be providing the kinds of effects they are looking for. This happens to many people, and they may feel like there is little they can do about it."

"ProbioSlim works in several different ways to not only improve the overall health of the body but can also reduce weight effectively. And it does all of this while managing to produce no major side effects. It has been shown to be one of the safest weight loss and probiotic supplements available."

MUST SEE: ProbioSlim: "Don't Buy This Until You See This First"

Researched Reviews Analysis on the Benefits of ProbioSlim:

Ms. Walters's analysis claims, "ProbioSlim is new type of product being marketed to consumers, so not everyone may understand the benefits that ProbioSlim can provide. The primary benefit is that of improved digestive health."

"It may also protect against many diseases, creating a healthier, stronger immune system. A large number of illnesses attack through the digestive tract, and having a healthy balance of bacteria there counteracts many of these disease, ensuring the body is at a much lower risk of infection."

Ms. Walters also is convinced this specific brand contains the Most Effective Probiotics Available for Digestive health allowing users to overcome gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation plus it also contains the Powerful Weight Loss Formula made of Safe and Natural Ingredients.

Probiotics are living bacteria and are extremely sensitive to heat. By the time most probiotics make it to the colon, many of the beneficial bacteria in most brands have been killed off during the time they have been sitting in a warehouse or on a store shelf.

David Kingston concludes, "This is truly a Groundbreaking New Probiotic Product That Features LactoSpore®, the most unique and resilient probiotic ever built to withstand heat. This means when ProbioSlim reaches your colon, it is still packed with powerful probiotics that will begin to have immediate impact on your digestive health."

Researched Reviews Reports: The ProbioSlim Brand claims their formula will...

  • Survive the acidity of stomach and bile acids and digestive enzymes better than any other product tested.

  • Germinate in the intestine, which is favorable for Bacillus coagulans spore reactivation.

  • Require no refrigeration due to most resilient probiotic formula.

Caution Must Be Used When ProbioSlim On-Line…

Research analyst Cindy Walters states, "Extreme caution is needed when purchasing any product online. With so many different websites now offering this supplement, you must be fully aware the only secure risk-free location to purchase is from the Official Website."

She states, "For consumer safety, always purchase directly from the Official Web-Site by visiting the link below:"

This Is The Official ProbioSlim Website

Ms. Walters states, "Latest reports published now show there is a problem with many Probiotic Systems available today. Almost no one is bringing attention to this critical information, but there is a reason for this, as you're about to learn…" Click Here for the Full Report

About Researched Reviews.com

Researched-Reviews.com is a well-respected public source of information and product Review Company situated in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, assisting consumers to find important information concerning specified products and services that will then help individuals determine if those specific products and services are in fact a suitable fit for them.