Procurement Marketplace Reveals Growth Strategy Targeting 13.5 Billion Dollar Market

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Procurement Marketplace, a Sydney-based procurement talent firm, shares its strategic growth plan, targeting the 13.5 billion USD procurement market.

Sydney, Australia --News Direct-- Prodigy Press Wire

Sydney-based digital consultancy agency and cross-freelance model, Procurement Marketplace, has announced its strategic plan to target the $13.5 billion procurement-as-a-service market. With a mission to digitize the procurement process, Procurement Marketplace has secured funding of $20 million and is now seeking to raise an additional $100 million to expand its global reach and bring its platform to professionals and clients around the world.

With the funding secured, Procurement Marketplace intends to file for international patent protection in May, aggregating its Australian, US, UK, and European provisionals. The company has set aside $1 million for this patent protection, with the possibility of needing additional funds. The company's plan includes hiring 26 industry curators to manage five projects each, ensuring that the client's requirements are understood, and providing professional indemnity insurance on projects.

In addition, Procurement Marketplace intends to hire salespeople globally to act as ambassadors for the platform. With $10 million set aside for the development of the marketplace app, the company aims to rapidly develop the collaboration zone, which is vital to digitizing the procurement process. The company is taking tools from various sources and incorporating them into the platform to streamline the procurement process.

To reach a wider audience, the platform intends to invest $5 million in mass marketing efforts, including billboards, airports, buses, and advertising on airplanes in Australia. The company plans to expand this marketing globally with an additional $100 million in funding. The two-sided marketplace requires trust to be built with clients and professionals, and Procurement Marketplace is investing in building that trust with targeted marketing efforts.

Procurement Marketplace's plan to target the $13.5 billion procurement-as-a-service market is ambitious. With the additional funding, the company intends to expand globally, protect its intellectual property, and develop an app that will offer high-end freelance services.

With sales offices and personnel around the world, the company intends to revolutionize the procurement process and create a trusted platform for clients and professionals alike. The company's vision is to offer a comprehensive and streamlined approach to procurement-as-a-service, bringing efficiency and security to the industry. With the funds and resources in place, Procurement Marketplace is poised to make a significant impact on the industry and deliver real value to its clients and professionals.

"We are committed to offering a trusted and streamlined procurement-as-a-service experience that delivers real value to our clients and professionals. With our growth strategy in place, we are well-positioned to make a significant impact on the industry and create a platform that truly transforms the procurement process", says Amy-Renee Hovorka, the founder, and CEO of Procurement Marketplace.

About Procurement Marketplace

Procurement Marketplace is an online platform that aims to promote fair employment opportunities in the procurement industry and beyond, by providing equal compensation regardless of the worker's location. The platform distinguishes itself from other players in the industry by utilizing a comprehensive categorization system, which ensures that clients are matched with the most suitable candidates for their projects.

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