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Procurify - NetSuite Integration Brings Company Spending Under Control

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- For too long now, big-budget enterprise solutions have towered over the landscape of B2B technology; but now Procurify, the startup that has already disrupted company purchasing, has integrated with NetSuite software, an established leader within the ERP space, to help a larger set of companies modernize their spend workflow.

The ERP tech stacks might have suited the Controller or the Purchasing Manager, who saw mastering the complexities of using enterprise solutions as a part of their job description. But to the engineer or the marketing manager, like the rest of the organization, who just wanted to track budgets, allocate spend to specific departments and account codes, or have a record for procured goods and services, it was a major inconvenience.

However, a new era of work culture has emerged within workplaces around the world. Leaders in startups and innovative companies want their employees to be actively involved in building a company's spend culture — by empowering the whole company with the ability to track and allocate spend for their projects without needing to go through a sometimes a slow bureaucratic process, and trusting their decisions when it comes to company spend.

"When you start trusting your team on the financial choices they make rather than asserting control, they will be more mindful of what they are spending, creating what we call a proactive spend culture. That is the reason why Procurify was created - to help empower organizations and the people who work within them to be confident in making the right spending decisions with a purchasing software product that was made for people in mind." - Aman Mann, CEO, Procurify

Current enterprise solutions do not provide people outside of finance and procurement convenient access to their ERP which makes it difficult to easily track and allocate spend. The integration between Procurify and NetSuite brings together the comprehensiveness of NetSuite's advanced direct procurement module with Procurify's indirect and service spend tracking capabilities.

"The knowledge of why and the power of action is so important in organizations - revenue may be uncontrollable but spend is, and organizations can learn to leverage it to work for you and not against. A good spend culture starts with the team, because great companies are built by people first," Mann adds.

More information on the integration is available here or at Procurify.com.

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