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Prodigy Network surpasses $500 million in securitized assets through FlexFunds, democratizing global access to real estate

MIAMI, Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Incorporating real estate assets as part of investment diversification is essential, which is why investors are increasingly analyzing alternatives that are not correlated with markets for stocks and bonds.

FLEXFUNDS With over $2.5 billion in securitized assets and a presence across the Americas, Asia, and Europe, FlexFunds is a recognized leader in providing versatile investment vehicles for financial institutions, asset managers, and family offices www.flexfunds.com (PRNewsfoto/FlexFunds)

Global platforms for investment and real estate asset development, such as Prodigy Network utilizing FlexFunds' asset securitization program, provide corporations, families and individuals access to institutional - quality investment opportunities in commercial real estate assets in the United States.

Prodigy Network has managed to raise funds in excess of US$ 690 million, connecting more than 6,500 investors from 42 countries and 27 states in the U.S. Its portfolio, with a projected value of US $1 billion, includes 6 buildings in Manhattan and 2 in Chicago, Illinois.    

FlexFunds has securitized more than 25 assets and real estate projects for Prodigy Networks, surpassing US$ 500 million since their relationship began in 2013, becoming a flexible solution to enable real estate developers to access international capital markets. Both private and institutional investors can participate in these projects through their already existing private bank or brokerage accounts.

According to Lisandro Videla, Vice President for Distribution at Prodigy Network, "FlexFunds' securitization program has transformed our business, offering a new distribution channel for our projects. Through Private Banking we have connected thousands of investors all over the world to investments of institutional quality to which they did not have access previously; this accounts for a substantial part of the success of our business model which has made us a byword in the real estate industry. In addition, FlexFunds has endowed the investment structure with a new level of auditing and control."  

FlexFunds CEO Mario Rivero had this to say: "As a leading service provider in asset securitization for third parties, FlexFunds gives access to capital markets globally. To securitize their assets with FlexFunds, our clients must comply with strict legal and operating requirements, so we congratulate Prodigy Networks for surpassing US$ 500 million in securitized real estate assets. This is one illustration of how suitable FlexFunds solutions can be for real estate developers."

About Prodigy Network

Founded in 2003, Prodigy Network specializes in connecting its network of accredited investors with opportunities to participate in first rate commercial real estate in the United States. With its proven model of collective financing, Prodigy Network has transformed access to real estate investment opportunities for smaller accredited investors. Prodigy Network has raised more than US$ 690 million, connecting more than 6,500 investors in 42 countries and 27 states in the U.S. Its portfolio, with a projected value of US$ 1 billion, includes 6 buildings in Manhattan and 2 under development in Chicago, Illinois.    

About FlexFunds

With over US$ 2.5 billion in total funded amount, and presence in the Americas, Asia and Europe, FlexFunds is a globally recognized service provider in asset securitization. Among its clients are financial institutions, hedge funds, alternative assets and portfolio managers, and real estate developers. Through its robust and versatile asset securitization program, FlexFunds is a flexible solution to raise funds by providing access to capital markets worldwide.  

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