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Production Infiniti QX80 will be revealed at Dubai Motor Show

Joel Stocksdale

Back at the New York auto show, Infiniti showed the QX80 Monograph concept, which indicated what direction the updated production QX80 would go. At this year's Dubai auto show, we'll get to see how close the QX80 gets to the concept, since that's where the production car will debut. And thanks to some teaser images from Infiniti, we get a solid sneak peak at the SUV.

Immediately apparent is that many key styling cues have made it to production, but the overall car has been notably toned down from the already relatively conservative concept. We're glad to see that the headlights have completed their trip up the front fascia, matching up better with the corporate trapezoidal grille and providing a wider, more aggressive look. The jutting, Leno-esque lower valence of the concept has been reduced to more modest proportions, but the basic shape of the lower grilles remains the same. It also appears that the fenders haven't been pumped up as much as the concept's.

The mild redesign matches what will probably be very mild mechanical changes. Previous reports have said that the new QX80 will retain the same platform and powertrain as the current model. We wouldn't be surprised, though, if there have been some suspension tweaks and maybe a few extra horsepower squeezed from the current 400-horsepower 5.6-liter V8. Also, though Infiniti hasn't revealed when the SUV will go on sale, we would expect it to arrive at dealers early next year.

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