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Professor: Teens Playing Candy Crush Could Have Gambling Problems Later

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Important people in Britain are cautioning that children playing online gambling games like Candy Crush could see problems like transparently pale skin and failure to lose their virginity as they transition into adulthood.

Not really, but the worrywarts over there claim that teenagers who are hooked on online games and apps could increase their chances of having gambling problems later in life.

The warning comes from Professor Mark Griffiths, the director of the International Gaming Research Unit, who told The Telegraph that teenagers are being lured into gambling websites through social media and becoming addicted to them.

He said companies lure kids in with the hook of creating customized avatars and attract them with prizes. 

“It’s a bit like the old drug-dealing analogy of giving a bit for free and hooking them in,” Griffiths said. According to his findings, 15 percent of teens admitted to online gambling once a week, so he’s pushing for schools to create classes warning them of the dangers.

“Teachers should start talking about these sorts of things,” he said. “I don’t want to come across as an omen of doom. There’s nothing wrong with kids playing gambling-type games, but you have to accompany it with education.”

At least they’re not watching porn.

This article was originally published on BetaBeat.