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ProfNet Experts Available on Financial Literacy, Internet Privacy, More

NEW YORK, April 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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  • When it Comes to Financial Literacy, Professors Give Themselves a 'B' Grade
  • Broadband Privacy Issue


  • Technology Editor – New Scientist
  • Markets Editor – OPIS
  • Reporter – FundFire


  • Three Rules to Ensure Your Blog Isn't Breaking Copyright Rules
  • Four Tips: Taxes for Freelancers
  • Blog Profiles: Outdoors Blogs



When it Comes to Financial Literacy, Professors Give Themselves a 'B' Grade
Alexandra Taussig
Senior Vice President
Fidelity Investments
"Saving for retirement is a top financial priority for professors, and it's especially motivating to see them socking away a strong 15 percent average total savings rate. But whether it's health care costs or their investment mix, they recognize they can study up to advance their level of financial knowledge and feel more confident in their ability to get that 'A' grade."
Taussig is available to discuss Fidelity's Higher Education Faculty Study, released on March 28th, which reveals how educators feel about their financial knowledge and identifies areas where they would welcome help. 
Media Contact: Kimberly Mai, kimberly@blissintegrated.com 

Broadband Privacy Issue
Mark Grabowski, Esq.
Internet Law and Ethics Professor, Communications Department
Adelphi University, Garden City, N.Y.
"There's lots of misinformation about this -- although it's still not good news. In short, nothing is changing. You didn't have online privacy to begin with, so you're not losing anything. The FCC had recently adopted new privacy rules that were set to go into place, but the new legislation stops that from happening. No, someone can't buy your specific internet history. That's a myth. A VPN won't entirely shield your privacy, either – that's another myth. What's going to happen is you're going to see more and more targeted ads when you surf online. So, for example, if your kid's teacher emails you that he's struggling in algebra, you might see ads about tutoring services. If you do a Google search for flights to Paris, expect to see ads from airlines and hotel websites. Deregulation of internet service providers has been a disaster for Americans. ISPs haven't delivered the promises they made when they begged Congress to end common carriage regulations in the '90s. Twenty years later, we've gone from being a pioneer in internet service to now lagging behind developing countries in terms of access, cost, speed, privacy protections and more. And this situation will probably continue to get worse. It looks like net neutrality is next on the chopping block."
Website: http://www.adelphi.edu
Contact: Kali Chan, chan@adelphi.edu



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  • Technology Editor – New Scientist
  • Markets Editor – OPIS
  • Reporter – FundFire



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