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Project Hydro on Binance Info V Label

This Binance project is very special for us at Project Hydro, since it involves one of the most important values we believe in within theblockchain industry: full transparency. Visit $Hydro's listing on Binance's V Label project below.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 4, 2019 / Today marks another great accomplishment for the Hydro Blockchain team and its worldwide crypto community.

"V Label" is Binance Info's transparency initiative since early last year, which shares blockchain project-related information such as news and progress reports that help keep the Binance community informed and up to date with blockchain projects such as Hydro.

As of April 4th, 2019, Hydro is proud to officially announce that they have been selected to join Binance Info's "V Label".

The "V" Label certifies that the Hydro project team itself is updating and maintaining its information on Binance Info. You can now access up to date information on Hydro by visiting https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/hydro.

What is Project Hydro?

Hydro is a blockchain company that was founded in 2018 by Hydrogen Technology Corporation, an award-winning fintech company out of New York City, USA.

No strangers to the fintech industry, twins Mike and Matt Kane have over 10 years of enterprise level experience when it comes to the financial industries space, previously pioneering the robo investing industry with Hedgeable.

Hydro is an open source blockchain project comprising of multiple smart contracts (protocols) and a dApp store, all powered by the HYDRO token (which can be purchased at Bittrex).

Hydro enables new and existing private systems to seamlessly integrate and leverage the immutable and transparent dynamics of a public blockchain, allowing companies to enhance application and document security, identity management, and transactions for their customers.

Raindrop 2FA, private systems can use the Hydro public blockchain protocols and dApps to enhance security through public authentication, bringing additional security to sensitive financial and personal data.

Snowflake is a unique and immutable 'Digital Fingerprint' stored on the blockchain. It is a revolutionary standard in Digital Identity (ERC-1484) and a dApp Store for Third Party Developers to #BUIDL just about anything.

Ice is a document signing and verification protocol allowing users to stamp, authenticate, verify and seal any document or contract.

Tide is a payment protocol which allows for one-click authorization of debit and credit POS transactions, as well as instantaneous p2p, p2b, and b2b payments across the blockchain.

Mist is an artificial intelligence protocol which will create industry-leading data modeling of high-speed transactions and fraud detection.

Building on top of the others Hydro Phases, Hail enables the tokenization and monetization of a multi-trillion dollar market for security tokens, tying together assets, identity, investors, rights, and more!

In the true spirit of an open source project, Hydro is developed and managed by a decentralized global community.

As always, the Hydro team continues to welcome everyone to contribute to the Hydro platform and ecosystem, and become part of the Hydro community. You can learn more about Hydro at their website https://projecthydro.org.

Contact Info:
Name: Lenny Mauricio
Organization: Project Hydro
Phone: 305.239.8505
Website: https://projecthydro.org

SOURCE: Project Hydro

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