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How to Promote Your Real Estate Business

Jeremy Page
Digital Vision
Digital Vision

Digital Vision

There are more ways to promote your real estate business than ever before. While you can still use all of the traditional, offline tactics such as print ads, billboards, business cards and old-fashioned networking, you now have a wide variety of online resources at your disposal as well.

Unfortunately, many real estate agents don’t fully take advantage of these possibilities.

So, real estate agents and brokers, listen up: Let’s look at some examples of marketing strategies where you may be falling short.

Creating High-Quality Content

While most realtors have websites, many don’t grasp the importance of content marketing. This involves doing more than simply advertising your properties and telling people about your services. Expert content marketers know the importance of sharing valuable and compelling information with their audience.

Create something that local sites in that area would want to read about and share with their friends. How about a map of parks, safest neighborhoods or best schools in the area? Or a visual representation of the cost of living in the area? Even a well-written article about the real estate outlook is a good angle (like this real estate site). This is real content, and it will bring much more people to your website.

It could also mean creating some videos. This type of content can be geared to specific types of potential clients, such as first time homebuyers or retired couples seeking to settle down in a new community. Providing this type of content attracts more traffic to your website. It also positions you as an expert in your industry, which can help you attract new clients.

Video Marketing

While videos can be considered a part of content marketing, they are important enough to discuss separately as well. Videos can be leveraged in many ways in the real estate business. You can, of course, use them to highlight properties you are trying to sell. They can also be used to create tutorials on various aspects of buying a home. People often find it more interesting to watch a video than to read text.

When you do make videos, make sure you get as much leverage out of them as possible. A video can be placed not only on YouTube, but other video sharing and social media sites, from Vimeo to Facebook. You will also get more out of your videos if you optimize them properly. For example, make sure you use some targeted keywords in the video titles and descriptions. This will help them rank in the search engines so people looking for information on these topics will find them easily.

Build a List (Your Long-Term Following)

This is a powerful marketing strategy that too many real estate agents ignore. Building a list is a tactic that can be used in conjunction with other actions, such as the ones already discussed.

You can build a list for either direct mail, email or both. This gives you a way to stay in touch, not only with your previous clients, but anyone who ever requested information from you as well as acquaintances you meet in various social and business situations. That’s why you should always be sure to collect information such as mailing address and email address from as many people as possible. You never know when someone may need to buy or sell a house. A strong call to action (CTA) on your website and in your content for people to put in their email address or call a phone number is a great way to harvest leads and build your list.

Having a list is only useful if you stay in touch with your subscribers regularly. Publishing a monthly newsletter is a good way to do this. You can make this a physical newsletter or an online one. In this newsletter, you can discuss the latest trends in the real estate industry, conditions affecting the local market, and mention any properties you want to highlight. You can also include links to content on your website such as articles or videos.

Don’t Overlook These Methods

In closing, think about good content, video marketing and building a list. These are all do-it-yourself tactics, but you can also use an online marketing service to expedite your efforts. You can compare some of the top companies here.

The above are a few examples of effective promotional strategies that many real estate brokers fail to exploit. It’s best to utilize a combination of techniques, both online and offline. With more and more people searching on the internet for real estate information, it’s especially crucial not to overlook powerful tactics such as content marketing, videos and list building. These tips for real estate agents will truly help promote your message.

Jeremy Page is a digital strategist for TopTenReviews, an expert review company outside Salt Like City. He started his professional marketing career at SEO.com before traveling the world for 9 months as a digital nomad. Jeremy is a regular contributor to Search Engine Journal and a guest lecturer at Brigham Young University. You can connect with him on Twitter or his personal blog.

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