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Prompt Customer Care Counts, According to Ace Parking

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 29, 2013) - The professionals at Ace Parking place a heavy emphasis on customer service, valuing strong relationships with their clients just as much as they do well-run parking facilities. Serving roughly 250,000 clients each day, the staff at Ace works to ensure that each client has a positive experience with the company. The team at Ace is issuing a response to a new article that highlights other examples of excellence in customer service, including a recent incident involving the grocery chain Kroger.

In the piece, the author begins by depicting examples of unimpressive customer service, including incidences where companies ignore bugs in their operating system without regard to the user experience. Other firms provide customer care when a client is thinking about renewing a contract, only to neglect the individual's needs once the repeat business is earned. Despite the less-than-stellar efforts of some organizations, there are a number of brands that demonstrate exemplary client relations. Kroger is the recipient of a significant amount of praise in the article for its efforts in attending to customer needs.

Kroger is a well-known grocery store chain, with multiple branches around the country. The example of the carefully thought out customer service occurred after an incident at a gas pump at one of the locations. The machine failed to stop automatically when the tank was full, thus causing gas to spill out over the car and onto the ground, causing both a mess and a waste of money. The attendant at the filling station was unaffected by the incident, and failed to give the client either an apology or a way to correct the situation.

Upon reporting the incident to customer care at Kroger, a manager from the location where the situation occurred called the distressed client within three hours of receiving the complaint. The professional from the store had a detailed amount of information about the claim, and asked a series of questions to ensure total understanding from the customer's point of view. Upon receiving a first-person perspective on the incident, the manager from Kroger apologized and carefully explained the steps that he planned to take to make the incident right.

The attentiveness of the manager helped to make up for the incident, as well as the lack of concern on the part of the employee at the gas station. The author notes that this level of compassion and concern helped her to feel better about the incident, and ensured that she would return to Kroger in the future.

Due to their concern for providing the highest level of customer care, Ace Parking values hearing about how other companies handle complaints and feedback from their customer base. Speaking from his own experience in proper client relations, Ace Parking managing partner Keith B. Jones states, "The way a company handles an issue is a true signifier of how highly they prioritize customer service. Ace Parking believes from the moment the situation occurs, the clock starts ticking and we become accountable for how long it takes to respond. Ace strives to reach out to our customers as quickly as possible once an issue is brought to our attention. Waiting to speak with a customer only makes the situation worse, and it's our job to provide resolution." Speaking on behalf of Ace Parking, Jones goes on to say, "We are in the business of earning every thank you so to us, every situation is an opportunity to turn the situation from a negative to a positive." 


Ace Parking provides innovative solutions for the management of a diverse range of parking facilities around the country. In addition to the day-to-day management of these structures, the professionals at Ace also provide valet services and oversee parking for special events. At Ace, customer care is key. Whenever the staff members are interacting with any of the roughly 250,000 clients they see each day, the focus on listening to client needs.