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PRSA-NY Expert Panel to Explore the Dangers of Disinformation


The New York Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America on Monday will assemble a panel of experts in media, communications, and ethics to examine the role that truth plays in today’s age of disinformation.

Registration is free and details are available here.

Using a mock tribunal format, “Truth on Trial: A PRSA-NY Interactive Debate for Communicators” will pit panelists against one another, arguing for and against a controversial motion. That motion is: “Truth is overrated, less relevant than ever, and rarely provides a competitive advantage in business. Therefore, we should not make truth a priority in the practice of our profession.”

The panelists are Dr. Bonime-Blanc, Founder and CEO of GEC Risk Advisory; Jim Lukaszewski, President of The Lukaszewski Group; T.J Elliott, Knowledge Broker for Educational Testing Service; and Michael Schubert, Chief Innovation Officer for Ruder Finn. The moderator is Emmanuel Tchividjian, Principal of The Markus Gabriel Group. The audience will serve as the jury.

“As leaders in our profession, we are very pleased to present this timely program which will explore the importance of truth and accuracy in the media, in social media, and in our society,” said Leslie Gottlieb, PRSA-NY President.


The New York Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America is one of the oldest, largest, and most prominent public relations chapters in the country. Located in the media capital of the world, it offers top-level professional development, networking, mentoring, and awards. PRSA-NY serves communications professionals in agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government, as well as independent practitioners.

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