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Psychic and Astrology Business Growth Aided By Embrace of Millennials and Gen Xers

ASBURY PARK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2019 / The market for psychic and mystical services is flourishing and part of the reason is these services are being embracing by younger demographics. The psychic services industry is now valued in excess of $2 billion according to at least one market research group. This burgeoning market and its expanding demographic audience has prompted ReviewWerx, a popular product and service profile platform, to add a psychic services section to its category list, see here https://reviewwerx.com/psychic-source/

The psychic services industry is booming. It has grown 53% since 2005 and is projected to continue to grow. The industry consists of astrology, mediumship, palmistry and numerology, as well as other related services. Consumers who do not affiliate with a religion tend to make up the majority of psychic services customers. And with a growing segment of the American population less inclined to participate in organized religion, estimated by one polling organization to be around 35% of millennials, that bodes well for the industry's future prospects.

A recent report indicates that approximately 15% of Americans have consulted a psychic or fortuneteller. The report further indicates that women are twice as likely to visit a psychic than men. Interestingly, the report further states that the largest amount of psychics work in Florida, accounting for 14.4% of these workers, followed by California with 12.5%, New York at 7.2% and Texas at 6.9%. Psychic industry related revenue is expected to grow at 0.9 percent annually and is projected to reach $2.3 billion by year 2024. A recent article in The New York Times described psychics as the new 'wellness' coaches. Many psychics now identify themselves as being in the wellness field and are referring to themselves as 'intuitives' or 'intuitive healers.'

Although this field may seem far fetched to many people, a surprising number of prominent business executives, including Wall Street professionals, have used psychics over the decades. It has been written that corporate psychic services started gaining in popularity in the 1980s and, in that era, psychics became popular with some individuals as an alternative to therapists. It has also been written that the late Texas Oil tycoon, H.L. Hunt, consulted a psychic before making big business decisions as did automaker John DeLorean and many others. Fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg and the co-founder of Sony, Akio Morita, are said to have received business advice from the same fortuneteller. There are many other noteworthy users of these often controversial services.

A poll regarding paranormal beliefs done by the Gallup Organization in 2005 indicated that 41 percent of those polled believed in extrasensory perception while 26 percent believed in clairvoyance. The same poll indicated that 31 percent believed in telepathy or psychic communication.

ReviewWerx, the popular international review platform, recently added new categories including psychic services, astrology services. New categories are added regularly. Current new profiles include the popular online astrology service Cosmic Energy Profile as well as many of the popular and best known psychic services including Psychic Source, Kasamba Psychics, California Psychics, Keen Psychics, and Hollywood Psychics.

ReviewWerx.com is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has been awarded an A+ Rating. Review Werx is an entertainment and informational review platform featuring brand profiles of popular products and services.


Chaz Sanderson

SOURCE: Review Werx

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