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PT MNC Studios International And Proxima Media To Build First Independent Movie Complex In Indonesia

It Will Be the Biggest Studio Complex in Southeast Asia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MNC Studios International ("MSIN" or "the Company") and Proxima Media have established a strategic partnership to build the first independent movie production complex in Indonesia. Both parties have agreed to a joint vision for the project, called Movie Land.

Movie Land will be the biggest studio complex in Southeast Asia, providing an unrivalled collection of studio facilities all housed in one location. Its infrastructure will support various large backdrops and stages for movie sets from nature to cityscape. The studio will also house international standard facilities for the production of movies and serials including indoor studios, outdoor backlots, and dormitories as well as online post-production.

Ella Kartika, president director of MSIN said, "we're incredibly excited to partner with Proxima Media to continue the company's development in building the first independent movie production complex in Indonesia. The partnership will also create various synergies across the company's business units in establishing music & art festival venues as well as Hollywood films and series production. This collaboration will surely serve as the perfect foundation for the growth of MSIN in the South East Asia market going forward."

Proxima East, the Asia arm of Proxima Media, will also co-produce and co-finance two to three Hollywood films and one to two TV series a year in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Additionally, with East West Ventures, the partnership will develop festival venues in the Lido area to host international music and art festivals. Proxima East is run by Jaeson Ma who also owns East West Ventures.

"Indonesia's movie industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, and it's clear that we have entered into a new golden age of cinema. The east-west synergy and the world-class resources and networks that undergird this partnership will position Movie Land to be a diversified entertainment, music, and arts complex," stated Jason Ma.

National Arts Studio recently announced Proxima Media is becoming a significant shareholder and will take over operations of China's National Arts Studio, a Hong Kong publicly traded studio.

About PT MNC Studios International Tbk:
PT. MNC Studios International ("MSIN"), a subsidiary of PT. Media Nusantara Citra ("MNCN"), is one of the largest content companies in South East Asia with a portfolio of high-quality content for the film and entertainment industry, both for the Indonesian and international markets. MSIN caters to a diverse range of audiences, through all forms of content production, pay channel provider, talent management, and as an advertising agency. As a holding entity, MSIN is the umbrella for several business units, which control the largest market shares in drama and pay channel production in Indonesia.

About Proxima Media:
Backed by a $250 million investment to produce up to 10 U.S. films in China, Proxima Media was founded by legendary Hollywood producer Ryan Kavanaugh who together with his colleagues has been responsible for more than 200 films, with a box office of $17 billion. Among their productions are Immortals, Fast and the Furious, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Salt, Wanted, Limitless, The Fighter, Mirror Mirror, Safe HavenBeyond the Lights, and The Social Network, which received eight Oscar nominations.

As part of the recent landmark deal with National Arts Studio, Proxima East will run, structure, and consult on all aspects of production, including refurbishing the existing studios and creating a state-of-the-art production and post-production facility on an ideally-situated 100-square-mile ranch only an hour from Hong Kong.

The intention is to have eight technologically-advanced sound stages and 'ahead of the curve' post facilities. "This truly will be the start of a new era," said Proxima CEO and founder Ryan Kavanaugh, "now we have both the right place, the right time, and the clear demand to create both a physical and virtual east-west content powerhouse."



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